9D Pleiadian Collective ~ The Positive and the Negative



9D Pleiadian Collective Via Wendy Kennedy

The whole is made up of the positive and the negative. You can’t have one without the other. By putting yourself in neutral observance you don’t see the right or the wrong but the totality of it. The moment you see the totality, you liberate yourself.


Know that you can be comfortable with somebody else’s discomfort. You can still be present but just not engage in their energy.”


You are lovable exactly as you are. Acknowledge the magnificence of you. The more you acknowledge this, the more you see it reflected back to you in others.


The soul doesn’t care what form the manifestation is as long as the vibrational experience is a match for you. It’s the ego saying it needs to look a certain way.


Allow the clarity and wisdom of divine Source energy to be known to you.


As a divine being of light, we are all that is and all that is is a part of us. There is no separation. From this perspective of wholeness, We create with grace and ease.


Learning to give and receive unconditionally is the first step in letting go of your monetary system.

~ 9D Pleiadian Collective.


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