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Welcome to Planet Star Seeders dear Universal Family of light!  The Spiritual Universal Database!

Great to Have you here!


Here you will find My Artwork And Articles about Spiritual channeling, Spiritual Awakening, New Age Music, New age images, Extraterrestrial Disclosure, Global Disclosure, New Age Projects like The Venus Project and more.


We are living in a beautiful transformative time but certainly a challenging time on planet earth.


There are human beings who are transforming to A New Earth that is such a beautiful, abundant, harmonious, and glorious place. My deepest unconditional love and gratitude dear universal family of light.


We will share our journeys in to this Wonderful New Earth together. In this lifetime or in another. Eventually we will get there.

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions? Please Let Me Know!

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Thank you.


Much Love and blessings Farzad.





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