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While humanity is facing one of the most disruptive global challenges in the planet’s history, it’s important to know that Adamus actually made a coronavirus prediction more than 6 years ago. At the very first ProGnost event in 2014, he didn’t call it by name but said that an “uncontrollable virus” would spread at lightning speed across the world in the coming years. The effects of this virus will have a deep economic impact and ultimately served a larger purpose in planetary awakening and change. Every biological imbalance has an underlying energetic dynamic, and part of what COVID19 brings is economic disruption and rebalancing. Rather than falling into drama and worrying about things like coronavirus preparation and quarantines, we are invited to radiate our consciousness, thereby illuminating virus solutions and potentials that may otherwise remain hidden.


At the ProGnost event in January 2014, Adamus Saint-Germain predicted a virus coming to the planet, stating, “In the next few years there will be an uncontrolled – mostly uncontrollable virus – whether it’s something like a cold or flu, and it won’t have a solution.” He continued talking about what a virus actually is, beyond the biology and science, and now, six years later, humanity is faced with one of its biggest dramas in modern times. The public is fearful, mass consciousness is in a state of near chaos, and nobody seems to have the answers.


At the beginning of the COVID19 epidemic in February 2020, Adamus talked to a group of Shaumbra from Korea. They were at Villa Ahmyo in Kona, Hawaii for a retreat, but felt anxious and concerned about the coronavirus because their country was second only to China in the outbreak. Adamus explained that the “energetic roots” of the virus were about the imbalances in the world’s wealth, and that the virus would have a huge impact on the economy.


We’ve put together video excerpts from Adamus’ 2014 message and the audio clips from his message to the Koreans to help provide you with some insights into the coronavirus, and why it’s having such a big impact on the planet right now. The session is hosted by Geoffrey Hoppe, exclusive channeler for Adamus Saint-Germain.


For more information go to Please share this link with other’s who may benefit from the message and wisdom during these challenging times.


NOTE: Adamus’ messages from ProGnost 2014 will be re-released by March 25, 2020.




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