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Ebb and flow is designed to provide an overall model of balance and support for you. This applies to your relationships, as well. There is a natural rhythm which ideally contains times of closeness and times of solitude within relationships.


This is especially important for those who are energetically sensitive. Space is required to allow time for reflection, connection with your own ever evolving knowing of self, and the integration of shifting energies and your latest levels of attainment. Once that has occurred, you can move back into connection with your partner from a new, deeper, more open energetic space.


Being willing to embrace ebb and flow within your partnerships allows you the joy of reconnection, time and again, which ultimately creates security and satisfaction for both and the experience of safe connection. It provides exactly what you need for the growth and expansion of the individuals as well as the relationship as a whole.


Your soul always knows what exactly what it needs for your fullest experience. Honour your feelings and needs, and understand that a need for space, either for yourself or from your partner, is not a rejection but rather a natural part of the rhythm of the universe that is designed to support you, and your relationships, in the exact ways that are needed. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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