Archangel Gabriel ~ All movement is forward movement



Dear Ones, what we wish for you to understand is that all movement is forward movement. Whether you are completely dedicated to your spiritual path, or whether you are exploring what it is not, you are gathering information that allows you to decide what resonates with you and how you wish to express yourself.


Even if a person is seemingly making one bad decision after another or is completely resistant to growth, they will eventually reach a place so painful that they will surrender and at that moment great forward movement occurs. It is when it becomes impossible to stay the same that people become non-resistant which opens the opportunity for expansion and rapid acceleration on their path.


The wonderful news is you cannot get it wrong. Whether you are evolving through rapid growth, going slowly, or through the thorough exploration of what it is not, they will all lead you to a place of greater clarity and expansion.


For some it is a faster path of embracing growth directly. For others it will be through the catalyst of the dark night of the soul. But for all of you, no matter what the pace or the method, your experiences provide information that allow you to gain clarity and ultimately forward movement, in whatever ways are most effective for you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



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