Archangel Gabriel ~ The act of Surrender Gives your Entire Team your Highest Self Permission to Guide and Assist You beyond



Many of you have a fear of surrender and flow. You see it as careening about with no direction, or you are concerned you will get it wrong. Let us put those fears to rest!


The act of surrender is what gives your entire team, including your highest self, permission to guide and assist you beyond where you might perceive yourself as being stuck, into the potentials and possibilities you simply cannot see from your side of the veil.


It is impossible to surrender into a flow that goes in the wrong direction. Even if you did, your team would immediately sweep in and redirect you with ease, because when you are in surrender you are non-resistant and willing to be moved.


You always have a say in your unfoldment! You express your preferences with your broad intention and gratitude. Your intention is like setting sail in a certain direction. Your gratitude is feedback on what you enjoy and what you would you are consciously using your focus to give your blessing of continuation to.


Do you see?  It is a wonderful and effective method of living that can only take you to your highest results, with you the creative director, and us your willing servants. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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