Archangel Gabriel ~ The Discovery of what you couldn’t imagine



The moment you start looking to define something is the moment you start to constrain its flow. There is a human tendency to want to know where something is going.  We see this with your relationships, with your desired manifestations, with your careers, with your lives in general. If you don’t have assurances, you don’t allow yourselves to fully commit energetically.


We understand that you do this because you want to be safe or feel a sense of control, but it is an incredibly limiting approach to life because it is playing within the very small pool of what you have already experienced. The moment you try to put something in a container you limit its growth. By allowing yourself to stay present and your manifestation to take on its own unfoldment, you step out of your limited viewpoint of what is possible into the greatest manifestations you can’t imagine.


Dear Ones, be open. Let the things that matter to you take on their own form and expansion. Resist the need to label and micromanage. The key to creating your grandest life expressions moving forward is getting comfortable with the unfoldment and letting the most important aspects of your life get as big and beautiful as they want to.


You can do this by replacing fear and distrust with curiosity, wonder, and the delicious anticipation that comes with embracing co-creation and the endless potentials that exist just slightly beyond what you have already experienced. Our wish for you is that you will be brave enough to move into the discovery of what you couldn’t imagine but has been possible for you all along. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




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