Archangel Gabriel ~ There are Always Solutions or Energetic Matches that Exist for You



light at the of the tunnel trinity esoterics


Dear Ones, are you open to the idea there are always solutions or energetic matches that exist for you that are beyond what you are aware of? If you can agree to that idea, doesn’t it make sense that the next step to empowered change is being willing to be moved into the discovery of what they are?


Resistance will only keep you within the realm of what is already known, and in many cases, expired. Be brave enough to explore what is just beyond what you can see. Expand your field of possibility by allowing yourself to be led.


Understand that with every single shift you make, new possibilities become vibrationally available as a response to your upgraded energetic state. This is so exciting because it means there is always expansion happening that comes with more wonders just waiting to be discovered! All you must do is be willing to move into the exploration of those new realms of potential with openness and curiosity. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




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