Bashar 🌀 The Yahyel are Shalanaya ~ Those Who Come First



This video was put together to help answer questions regarding Bashar’s use of the word ‘shalanaya’ and the name ‘Yahyel’. In Bashar’s language, the word ‘shalanaya’ means “those who come first.” He calls the Yahyel the shalanaya because he perceives that the Yahyel will be “those who come first” to have open contact with us.


Bashar has also said that the Yahyel made visual contact with us in what is known as the Phoenix Lights UFO sightings that occurred over the city of Phoenix, Arizona, on March 13, 1997, and again in February of 2007.


Between time markers 0:24 to 1:32 in this video, Shaun Swanson who channels Ishuwa of the Yahyel civilization, asks Bashar about the ETs flying the Phoenix Lights spaceships, and Shaun also asks Bashar about the Alton Barnes crop circle that appeared in June, 2007.


The Yahyel may become the first extra-terrestrial civilization to openly meet with us on Earth in person, in peace, in joy, and develop mutually rewarding relationships with our current and future generations. They are part of our galactic family and very similar to us in their physical appearance. They exist in our past, present, and future timelines.


On March 13, 1997, one of the largest sightings of spaceships in history took place when the Yahyel flew their spaceships over several cities including Phoenix, Arizona. This event is known as the “Phoenix Lights”. It was seen by thousands of people in the State of Arizona including Fife Symington who was the Arizona State Governor at the time.


In a news telecast broadcast on CNN, Fife Symington spoke about the “Phoenix Lights” spaceship that he saw flying over the city of Phoenix. Here is a link to one version of that news telecast:


Ishuwa is channeled by Shaun Swanson. More info about Shaun, and Ishuwa, and the Yahyel at:


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  1. The audio quality needs sharpened and turned up a bit. Should be an easy fix. I understand how production can sometimes be a bit off. Especially being as busy as all Lightworkers are in these hours.

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