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In The Mind Body Meditation, Bashar describes a powerful new permission slip meditation exercise based on The Seven Basic Needs that bring fulfillment and a greater sense of peace and appreciation to our lives. In this clip from that session, Bashar and Alan Steinfeld discuss the concept of time travel.


Complete Session Q&A includes:
• What race do I connect to at dreamtime?
• What is the timeframe for hybrid children living on earth?
• How can I further bridge the relationship with my hybrid children?
• Did I speak to you in a meditation?
• How can I help my son with his seven basic needs?
• Why is there such a mix of positivity and negativity in New York City?
• Is there an electromagnetic field that could be our 8th Basic Need?
• Does time travel really exist?
• What do you get out of your interactions with us?
• In all the years that you have been contacting us, do you see any growth in us as a species?
• How can we become more in tune with our future selves?
• Do you have a new permission slip for us to raise our vibrations regarding money?
• I am designing a light technology healing machine. Do you ave any tips for me?
• Are the shapes I am dreaming about connected to the Grays?
• Did I choose my family?
• Do you visit people personally in dreams?
• How can I best listen to my higher mind?
• How can I overcome my fear of drowning?
• Which excitement should I choose?
• Why do I see synchronous numbers in my reality?
• What is my connection to Orion?
• How was acupuncture discovered?
• Is astrology real?
• Does saving money energetically represent fear of lack of it?
• How can I overcome my insomnia?
• Can following my excitement make me a movie star?
• Do I have to master the American accent to fulfill my dream of being an actor?
• Do you feel like I am grasping the concept of following your excitement?
• Can people push negative energy on you by touching you?
• What can you tell me about the feathered serpent Quetzacoatl?
• Could you comment on the craft that was witnessed in Mexico City in 1991?
• What can you tell me about the Japanese deity Amaterasu?
• Is The Angkor Wat temple related to the Draco constellation?
• Does Serpent Mound also relate to the Draco Constellation?
And much more!


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