Bashar recommends powerful healing methods by Dr. Schulze’s Powerful Healing guide

Dr. Schulze’s Powerful Healing guide can almost cure everything

Sharing His Healing Wisdom

Dr. Schulze served as the Director of the College of Herbology and Natural Healing in the UK for 11 years. He held the title of Senior Professor at Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing for 10 years and also Co-director of The Osho School for Naturopathic Medicine in England, France, and Spain. Additionally, Dr. Schulze is the co-founder of the Association of Master Herbalists in Great Britain.

He has taught and lectured at numerous universities, including Cambridge University and Oxford University in England, Trinity Medical College in Ireland, Omega Institue in New York, Cortijo Romero in Spain and other natural therapy and herbal institutes worldwide. He has been the guest speaker at numerous churches and also on numerous radio and television shows. Dr. Schulze is loved worldwide for his intensity, passion, dedication to students, sense of humor, creativity and his exciting, enthusiastic and evangelical style of teaching. He is mostly recognized for his unequaled understanding of Natural Healing.

Teaching Natural Healing Is His Life’s Mission

In 1994, after 15 years of formulating herbal medicines for his patients, Dr. Schulze opened the American Botanical Pharmacy, which manufactures and sells his effective pharmaceutical-grade herbal formulas to the public.

Dr. Schulze also continues his healing mission today by developing new herbal medicines and creating books, publications, CDs and DVDs describing his clinical Natural Healing programs. He also communicates directly with the public daily through his Internet website, answering patients’ and customers’ questions and making video clips that explain his many natural detoxification, cleansing, flushing and health-building programs.


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