Bashar ~ Upcoming Live Stream Event! – Saturday 7/18/20 – 1-3-5-7-11 A Refresher Course



In this transmission, Bashar will give a review of the core concepts he has given over the years, and how they fit together especially in this time of ascension. He has discussed The One, the Trinity, the Five Laws, the Seven Needs, and the 11 Elements of Excitement. He has discussed the idea of releasing your attachment to who you were, and allowing yourself to be drawn through The Eye of the Needle by the person you prefer to become instead.


The preferred version of ourselves understands and integrates the 1-3-5-7-11 concepts automatically, and thus operates at a much higher vibration than the people we may have been in the past. We can strengthen our connection to these concepts now, becoming more aware of our acceleration and the expanded range of choices that comes with a higher vibration. With this session Bashar will reinforce and anchor those principles so they may work automatically and harmoniously to guide you through the splitting prism in the best possible way.



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