Bashar ~ Upcoming Los Angeles Event! October 4-5-6 ~ 2019




The Last Days of Atlantis – Friday Evening Event October 4, 2019 – 7:30pm – 10pm

What was it like to live in Atlantis? What became of the people? And why should we know about it now? Finally a session where Bashar gives us everything we’ve ever wanted to know about The Last Days of Atlantis. In this transmission we will learn about this pivotal culture in human history and be given a chance to grow and change from our ancient past. This session and The Angels of Orion address our current social and political upheaval by teaching us the historical patterns that are repeating again in this time of transformation. This is the perfect time to learn the true story of our collective consciousness as we decide who we are becoming.


Midnight Under The Hunter’s Moon – Saturday Evening Event October 5, 2019 – 7:30pm – 10pm
October 2019 provides a unique opportunity to experience a very powerful vortex that Bashar has not talked about before. In Midnight Under the Hunter’s Moon he will describe upcoming opportunities to observe extradimensional and extraterrestrial beings coming and going from a particular time and place during October, and what sort of things we may experience within that vortex at that time.


The Angels of Orion – Sunday Morning Event October 6, 2019 – 11am – 1:30pm
Over the years many questions have arisen about ancient Orion and the extreme negativity that took place there. In The Angels of Orion Bashar can take advantage of the lifted quarantine and give us more detail about the ancient oppressive systems and how those energies are playing out now on Earth. Many of us have made Orion connections, energetic linkages to the worst of times that can now be used to reshape our social, economic, and political lives as a collective consciousness. Now is the time for those with Orion connections to use that dark energy to help accelerate the splitting realities and create more positive choices. The time has come for The Angels of Orion to align with the higher reality they most desire.


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