Blessings like Apple Blossoms ~ Heavenletters



God said:

Apples fall from a tree, and blessings fall on you. There are so many blessings in the world that they are like autumn leaves. Blessings fall to you like spring rain. There are puddles of blessings around your feet. Blessings fall to you like snowflakes, enough for all. Apple blossoms drop from the trees. Their sweet scent reaches you even before you see them lightly falling and before a breeze sweeps them up. Apple blossoms swirl around you, and you absorb their scent and consciousness whether you pay attention or not. You are made of all these things.


Thoughts of blessings are blessings in themselves.


Imagine how the love of the universe drops at your feet. You are inundated with the universe’s love for you. With every breath you take, you breathe in universal love. With every breath out, you exhale love universal. Like air, the love is often silent and invisible, and yet it is everywhere. It permeates everywhere. It filters through your DNA, beloveds.


Imagine that everyone has your DNA. Imagine that DNA is like a voice. Everyone has a voice, and yet each voice has a timbre of its own. No two are exactly the same, yet every voice is a voice. And everyone has a heart. Everyone has a heart throbbing in his chest. Everyone walks the Earth, and everyone is in a quandary, walking around Earth as if it were the only place in the world, as if there were no further they could go, as if they were immobilized in a pasture bounded by a fence. Even when the view seems to be muddled, there is still a valley hidden by a mountain, a mountain hidden by mist, and your soul hidden from yourself.


What if you did see everything as love? What if you recognized that Heaven reaches its arms to you and lifts you up and throws you high and buoys you? What if you recognized that you never left Heaven and that Heaven is your very Being. If you knew you carried a great treasure, might you walk differently? What if you knew you have never been anywhere but with Me?


What if you really did know that what you are enmeshed in is only a dream. Somehow the dreams are shared, and yet there is only you to dream. And to dream of what?


Now try dreaming of how the universe rocks you, as if you were in a cradle treadled by Mother Nature’s foot.


Presently, you dream of little episodes that you think are major. The world seems huge to you. And yet you are vaster. The skin around you is nothing. It doesn’t keep you from entering the sky and rising to the stars, collecting them like apples, or like blossoms with the scent of Heaven. You roll the stars like hoops. You fling them. You send them off like sparklers. What is the difference between you and a star? The stars share your soul. Dream of that.


Dream that you hold the universe in your arms. Dream that you are pregnant with the universe. Dream that you give birth to the universe. Dream that you plant the flowers of the universe and pick them too. Dream that you venture to the furthest star and bring it home with you. Dream that the universe is your home. Dream that you are the whole universe. Dream that your body is nothing but a dream, a dream that you will outlive. It is a fascinating time that you lead encased in an imagined body. You will drift away from it. You are not tethered to it even now.



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