Caroline Myss ~ A View from Your Soul ~ Understanding the Power of Your Mystical Nature



Please enjoy this 50 minute excerpt from Caroline’s workshop recorded Santa Fe, 2019.


You are not imagining that you are more sensitive to the world around you, more inclined to need quiet time, more attuned to the emotions of others, more perceptive about the difference between what you see and what you sense. You, along with all the rest of us, are transitioning to a more expansive level of awareness in which your inner sight is becoming dominant over what you physically hear and see. Another way to say this is that we are evolving our intuitive/spiritual intelligence and that fact is the reason religions feel obsolete.


This awakening is changing our lives, our energy, our bodies, our mental and emotional balance. The rumblings in our soul – some subtle and some eruptive – are the cause of our yearning for creative expression, self-discovery, personal healing and the need to seek the Divine.



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