Brad Johnson ~ Empathic Interfacing Live! (Athena from the Delphi)

Brad Johnson will be performing Empathic Interfacing Live with Athena from the Delphi. Through this connection, Athena will give updates regarding inner Earth affairs and will also provide Q&A for the viewing audience.  … Read the rest

Brad Johnson Channeling Jaziel Rasiel & Oriel (Angel Trinity) On Their Domain + 4th Density Earth

Brad Johnson channels his three angel guides: Jaziel, Rasiel and Oriel as they speak on what their own spiritual domain is like plus additional information on 2037/2038 and the Fourth Density harvest and Earth.    … Read the rest

Brad Johnson ~ Light Code Activation ~ Organ Detox (Real-Time Healing)

Before you begin the video, place your hand where the organ or gland is located and take a deep breath in. As you watch the video, feel the spirit light codes entering your organ/gland. At the end of the video, drink a glass of water and let yourself be at rest. Take a deep breath in and out and let yourself relax. Let the codes continue to work on the organ or gland of your choosing.    … Read the rest

Light Code Activation: Pain Relief (Instant Healing Video)

This video has been embedded with spirit codes to cancel out pain anywhere within your body where your hand is present. Please watch the video in its entirety as meditation is not even necessary. Only your attention.    … Read the rest