⚠️ Adronis ~ The Annunaki, Elohim Nephilim, Our Galactic Historys ~ Video

Adronis From Sirius     Channeld By Brad Johnson From https://www.newearthteachings.com Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/selfempo…    … Read the rest

Brad Johnson ~ The Fall of The Dark Age

Brad Johnson shares perspective on what had caused the rising of the dark age and what will also lead to its downfall.       Book a 1 to 1 Private Session w/ Brad Johnson & Adronis: www.newearthteachings.com/privat-sessions  … Read the rest

Journey through Galactic History ~ Secrets from Ancient Sirius ~ Channeling

In 2018, Lyssa’s channeling of the Sirius ambassador Hamón during two contact retreats revealed missing pieces from Sirian history. Germane embedded this information in the wisdom of the Galactic Heritage Cards (card #44), but never discussed it until recently. In this video, Germane discusses this aspect of Sirius history as well as a deeper meaning represented by the Sirius card #44 (Secrecy). One does not need to know about the Galactic Heritage Cards in order to gain valuable insight about… Read the rest