The Magic of Merlin by Lord Merlin

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa    Greetings and Love I, Lord Merlin, extend to all beings of light aware and awake to connect with my energy and listen to my words. It is a gracious time upon the planet Earth now, as well as the Universe of the Creator. A time of deep blossoming and powerful transitions from duality to integration. A time when love becomes the foundation rather than the goal. For… Read the rest

Pamela Aaralyn & Alanna Heavenly Channeling Kali Ma- Birth ~ Death and TIME Cycles Karma

Join Pamela and guest facilitator Alanna Dukes for a channeling on karmic influence, accumulated memory and DNA carry over, and much more! If you’ve been wondering how much power you are giving over to belief, how much karma affects you and why, you’ll need to not miss this channeling.     Official Website:  … Read the rest

Mike Quinsey ~ New Inventions are Surfacing

August 9th, 2019 Have you ever wondered about your previous lives and how long ago it all began for you, well the following extract from a Kryon message goes some way towards providing the answers. The comfort of knowing you are immortal and have left the old ways behind and have everything that is grand and beautiful before you. There is a plan for Humanity and you will create the pathway, so it is important that you only project thoughts… Read the rest

Lion Gatekeepers ~ The Portal is Open

We are the gatekeepers of the Lion’s Gate Portal through which emissaries of light may pass. We are the Sirian Feline Race, royal blood and priesthood lineage for the light of all things. We serve in oneness throughout all time-space, dedicated in service to the light. The portal is open, human children of form. We see you deeply, for we have been watching and serving your kind for eons as masters of the light portals of the hidden ways. For… Read the rest

Ascended Dragon Collective ~ Great Planetary Change and Upheaval

Alisheryia and Elthor via Galaxygirl | August 5, 2019   Greetings human, reading these words. I Alisheryia, and I Elthor, of the Ascended Dragon Collective are very near your kind in this Now moment of great planetary change and upheaval. Your job, your duty as the light bearers is to ground the light, the peace in this time when others seem to have neither. You have been preparing for this time for eons. Now is your moment to ground, to shine.… Read the rest

ET Contact Series ~ The Quantum Map Part 1

ET Contact Series: The Quantum Map Part 1with Lyssa Royal Holt, channeling Sasha, a Pleiadian consciousness   Sasha, channeled through Lyssa since 1988, is most known for her lessons on ET contact given in the book Preparing for Contact and through her contact retreats around the world. In this video, she begins sharing her Quantum Map teachings that she has been giving at contact retreats.   The Quantum Map is a metaphor that explains the process that human consciousness experiences as it… Read the rest

The Andromedans ~ Releasing the Fear of Divine Unification

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa      Beloved light essence upon the Earth, we are the Andromedans, from the Andromedan Galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda. You may label us as extra-terrestrial beings; however, we are the light and Creator essence the same as you. We are currently supporting and overseeing the service of all experiencing a deep oneness and contentment in their unite with the Creator. In the vibration of oneness, a great volume… Read the rest

Channeling of Gaia on Ascension Shifts and The Event

Have you ever wanted to ask Gaia (Mother Earth) herself what on EARTH is going with the 3 Days of Darkness and the Event? As predicted, earth is shifting massively. The result has been visible in the floodings, fires and other natural occurrences as Gaia responds to the rising needs of the human conscious collective. We are all feeling the ascension shifts and symptoms/changes in our bodies, energy levels and emotions. Let’s ask Gaia all of the questions about this!    … Read the rest

Full Being Imprinting of Magnificence by Celestial Unicorns and Dolphins

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa   Our truth is your truth, your truth is our truth, our combined truth does not belong to us and yet we are one.   We come as a reminder of your purity and divinity; we are the consciousness of the Celestial Unicorns and Dolphins of the 14th Dimension. We bring to your presence the light, love, peace and bliss of the 14th dimension.   In this era of love with love… Read the rest

Dragon Collective ~ Alisheryia and Elthor ~ Via Galaxygirl ~ 20 July 2019

I Alisheryia, and I Elthor, speak as one to humanity tonight. We ascended dragons have been very busy honing, directing and tuning the energies from this space quadrant, from Alcyone, our friend. (I am seeing dragons of rainbow hues flying like streaks of light surrounding a massive ball of white light, like a comet, that is blasting towards Gaia.) You see true, human. We are showing you our latest adventure, for we ascended dragons have been lending our light, our… Read the rest

Channeling Johannes ~ Son of Jesus

Learn more about Johannes, son of Yeshua. His main sharing this time has to do with how to uplift the frequency of the human conscious collective, how to be “Divinely Selfish”, working with boundaries for self-love and learning the deeper meaning of Self Love.     Get a Private Reading:  … Read the rest

Exploration of Dimensions 6 ~ 9 by Lord Melchizedek

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa  The definition and explanation I wish to share with you of the dimensions 6 – 9 of the Creator’s Universe is a simple expression in order to encourage you to access, download and experience the energies to aid your ascension. Others may describe the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe differently, they are after all abundant in energy, wisdom, and expression, there is much to draw upon, access and many… Read the rest

Brad Johnson ~ The Fall of The Dark Age

Brad Johnson shares perspective on what had caused the rising of the dark age and what will also lead to its downfall.       Book a 1 to 1 Private Session w/ Brad Johnson & Adronis:  … Read the rest

AMMORAH ~ The complexity of the Human Template

Get Channelling Courses:   Why we have courses: We are in a time of the Second Awakening and people are being trained by Divine to become true love and light shiners in the world to bring healing for their own lives and to the lives of many others and also bring love and peace to the world.   When and how we do courses: Regularly in person and via live and pre-recorded webinars in addition to support information on this website,… Read the rest

The Collective ~ You are a Birther of new Worlds of Planets and Stars

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective   Greetings, friends! We are happy to have this opportunity to speak with you today.   And we see that many of you are in a state of distress over world events—talk of war breaking out in some regions, as well as the state of perpetual war that exists in the Middle East and other regions, climate change, violence against women and children,… Read the rest

The Angels ~ Your Mother Earth is in need

via Ann Albers, July 13th, 2019   My dear friends, we love you so very much,   Be kind to one another dear ones. Your Mother Earth is in need. She can withstand pollution, drilling, and all manner of ills. She puts up with these things in the same way a human mother allows her little children to make a mess of her living room. With the help of inspired humans she can clean up these problems.   However, the one thing that… Read the rest

Exploration of Dimensions 1-5 by Lord Melchizedek

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa    I, Lord Melchizedek, come forth to share some information with you regarding the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. My purpose in doing so is to support your further integration and experience of the Creator’s qualities, vibrations, and frequencies that are available to you. Each dimension of the Creator’s Universe is akin to an insight into an aspect and an expression of the Creator. Each dimension is a source… Read the rest

Resets Restructurings & Restoring the Sanctity of the Earth ~ July 2019 Energy Update

Source:  … Read the rest

Channeling Prime Creator in Sedona ~ Financial Predictions

Will cryptocurrency become more valuable than precious metals like gold and silver? What is the financial forecast for the summer? Prime Creator answers these questions and more. As always, I invite you to use discernment. Take the information that resonates and leave the rest.    … Read the rest

June Energy Forecast ~ Channeling Prime Creator in Sedona

Prime Creator shares a special message with the Master Creators of the Creation Temple in the beginning of the transmission. An energy forecast for June is then shared along with practical advice to work with the energy.    … Read the rest

Activate and Enhance Your Psychic Abilities by Lady Portia

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa    I, Lady Portia, wish to bring forth a new method or thought process to allow you to open, activate and enhance your psychic abilities and sensitivity to the energy of the Creator. In truth, this isn’t a traditional way of accessing your psychic abilities it is a way that will also aid your spiritual development, soul expansion, unity with the Creator and expression of your divine truth. I… Read the rest

Journey through Galactic History ~ Secrets from Ancient Sirius ~ Channeling

In 2018, Lyssa’s channeling of the Sirius ambassador Hamón during two contact retreats revealed missing pieces from Sirian history. Germane embedded this information in the wisdom of the Galactic Heritage Cards (card #44), but never discussed it until recently. In this video, Germane discusses this aspect of Sirius history as well as a deeper meaning represented by the Sirius card #44 (Secrecy). One does not need to know about the Galactic Heritage Cards in order to gain valuable insight about… Read the rest