The soul’s dream – The Angels

Imagine that all your problems are simply dreams from which you have to awaken. Imagine that you could wake up tomorrow morning, and before you even open your eyes, you think to yourself, “Oh wow!!! I remember I am an amazing creator! I had a dream that I forgot! How awful. How unpleasant. Thank Goodness, I remember now!”   Then, lying there in your bed you begin to consciously design your day.You think about all you wish to accomplish, and ask… Read the rest

Creation of Peace on the Earth by Master Kuthumi – Channeled through Natalie Glasson

I, Master Kuthumi, am the World Teacher alongside Master Sananda, we wish to bring forth an awareness of your ability to create peace within your being and reality. We believe that peace is needed now upon the Earth and will serve the transformational shift all are moving through of deeper unification and oneness with the Creator. The cultivation of peace will promote the further exploration of your intimate relationship with the Creator. I, Master Kuthumi wish to share… Read the rest

Message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira   Hello Dear One,   We greet you in love.   We see you; resplendent and glorious. Creating here in ways that further All Life.   We know that you are not always aware of your immense beauty and so today we wish to reflect that to you, and if you would please simply read and experience the energy of what we offer here, to you as a way of knowing yourself.   You are Divine Light. You are Eternal. You are Endless.… Read the rest

Message from the Feline Race by Galaxygirl

Hello, we are the Feline Race. We partner with the dragons and the elemental kingdoms in many times and places. We are most interested in the ascension journey that you are all partaking in at this critical junction of time-space where all is not as it seems. The flash approaches. You are in the midst of it. You are experiencing tiny metamorphoses moment by moment and this gives us cause for great excitement.   We felines are an ancient race from… Read the rest

Message from Yeshua – The Core of your Transformation is Divine Love ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda

Greetings Beloveds,   Deep inside you is transformation, of a kind and form and manner not witnessed or experienced ever. It has the quality of complete annihilation at times of all you once stood for, of all you have identified yourself with. It is a refinement and yet sometimes subtle remaking of everything you once knew. It plunges deep into your psyche and your knowing and your awareness like never before.   What do you make of this, dear ones? Where is… Read the rest

Guiding you towards Love – The Angels

In every second of every day you are guided by the power that creates universes. With every breath you receive a unique impulse from the Source guiding you towards your hearts truest desires upon the most loving and joyful path.   In much the same way as the nervous system conveys messages from each every cell in the body to the brain and then carries back its instructions to every cell, there is a vibrational system of communication in the universe… Read the rest

What is Planetary Ascension? The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Ones,   We, the Arcturians, would like to pass on a message to the ones who are still wearing a human disguise. We remind you to remember that you are higher dimensional beings who have volunteered to take a third-dimensional earth vessel so that you can better assist Gaia as She moves into, and through, Her process of “Planetary Ascension.”   We are aware that within your NOW few humans are aware that they are, indeed, a Galactic Being who volunteered… Read the rest

Adronis ~ Earth is a God world

Earth is a God world and its people are essences of God within themselves. When you move past the veil of a mortality complex and come into the light of true compassion and unlimited understanding… Each of you will awaken. And when you awaken, you will cast light upon this world, upon the galaxy and upon the universe and you will witness existence that is even grander than heaven itself when each of you come into that moment. It begins… Read the rest

TUNING IN: Spirit Channelers in America

Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America : Director: David Thomas | Producer: Matthiew KlinckGenre: Documentary | Produced In: 2009 | Story Teller’s Country: Canada Tags: Americas, Consciousness, Evolution, Spiritual Awareness, Transcendent Vision, United States   Synopsis: Channeling is a practice dating back to antiquity wherein an individual, usually in a trance state, makes a psychic connection with a spirit being. The channeler is then able to act as a dimensional go-between bringing other humans in contact with the entity, as well… Read the rest

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Love

Let Love In   Open your heart. Heal your Heart and release challenges by letting love in. Love it the most powerful force in all the Universes. There is nothing love can’t do.   Open your heart to unconditional love. That means to love without conditions, terms, or boundaries. That doesn’t mean that you blindly accept everything, it means to love anyway.   Thought for today: Open your heart and let love live there without conditions.   And so it is   You are dearly… Read the rest