Channeling Prime Creator in Sedona, Part 129, March Energy Forecast

Channeled by Susie Beiler   Channeling Prime Creator in Sedona, Part 129, March Energy Forecast   Website:  … Read the rest

The Creator ~ Trust The Universe

My darling; trust The Universe, trust yourself and trust that you are bringing good into your world.   You are worthy and deserving of the incredible gifts you have been given and use every day. You are amazing! ~ Creator     Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source:  … Read the rest

Channeling Prime Creator in Sedona, Part 118, September Forecast

Channeled by Susie Beiler   Prime Creator explains more about the July prediction that did not come to pass yet and how prediction messages are helpful. Prime Creator describes the 2 main streams of energy that will be flowing in September. A question about disclosure is answered as well as where the energies are coming from that are hitting the planet currently, including energies coming from the core of the earth herself! Feeling nostalgic for your original home? There’s a reason!… Read the rest

Channeling Prime Creator in Sedona, Part 117, Disclosure

Prime Creator answers some questions about sex trafficking, including the “Hope ship”, who is arresting sex crimes offenders, and more. Prime Creator also talks about the bombing in Beruit and other places around the world. Will the full disclosure occur by the November elections in the U.S.?     Website:  … Read the rest

Channeling Prime Creator in Sedona, Part 116, August Forecast

Prime Creator clarifies the mid-July forecast. Prime Creator invites us to put our energy, time, and spirit into focusing on the positive in August as well as to find our inner peace and amplify it. Also important in this transmission is the message about how to “alchemize” the energies of these times. Prime Creator instructs us on how to interact with others who do not understand what’s happening. Susie shares a special breath to release anxiety from the body.     Website:… Read the rest

The Creator ~ A Few Thoughts…

JUNE 20, 2020 Be considerate – take care of yourself, but be aware of and think about your actions/reactions and how they affect others.   Be slow to judge – every person has a paradigm they exist in and you most likely do not see the whole picture. Remember, those you judge may be clamoring to be first in line to judge you.   Be quick to release negative emotion – negatively flows around and follows you like a dark cloud. Other… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Interconnection

MAY 12, 2020 Please understand that what affects one affects all.  You are woven into the very fabric of your Earth plane and connected by the Divine Spark in each of you.  The Universe is inviting you to make this a part of your conscious awareness.  Finding and feeling the interconnection will help you appreciate the beauty each of your brothers and sisters inherently possess.  Now is the time to realize that so much more can be accomplished together than… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Your Own Generator

APRIL 20, 2020   If you have not already begun, it is time to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions.  No one can make you feel good, bad, angry or hurt unless you choose it.  Yes, the behavior of others may cause an emotional reaction but, you are your own generator. (Smiling) Release the need to let others be responsible for your existence.  It is your truth…your path…your life. ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source: … Read the rest

Channeling Prime Creator in Sedona, Part 112 ~ Illuminati, Coronavirus ~ Parallel Worlds

In this transmission, Prime Creator answers a client’s questions about the coronavirus and about what the Illuminati have planned. PC also addresses the concept of parallel worlds and the 12 core parallel worlds.   Schedule a Private Channeling Session at –  … Read the rest

The Creator ~ Focus

Note From Farzad! This Massage is strongly connected to The 5 Laws Of Creation!     It is been said many times before and it bears repeating…You will receive exactly what you choose to focus on.If you choose to focus on fear, fearful experiences will be presented to you.If you choose to believe that others are inherently negative, that is all you will see.   If you choose to focus on joy, joyful moment will come.If you choose to believe that those around… Read the rest

The Creator Ω The Universe Is Listening

You are living in an unprecedented time that has given you limitless possibilities to grow and learn like never before.  Even though information from multiple sources may be overwhelming, you can use your gift of connectedness to see and implement what is right for you.  Think of it as a sorting and filing process. (Smiling) You decide what to keep and what to release.  The Universe is listening and supporting you as always! ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The… Read the rest

The Creator Ω ALL The Choices

When you were young, did you ever think that you would be where you are now, doing what you are doing and being the person you are now?  An infinite number of choices and personal decisions brought you to where you are in this moment.  Just think about that for a moment…(smiling)…extraordinary, yes?  Now, imagine all the decisions of a lifetime condensed into a few short weeks.  Just think of all the things you could accomplish!   The newest incoming wave… Read the rest

Love Is on the Move Ω Heavenletters

God said: From My heart to yours. What else could it be? My heart beats for you. My heart loves you. Receive My love, and roll it over. Bet on it. You cannot make too much of My love.   My love is so vast. What can your love be then? Which mountain of love can you not climb? Where is there that your heart cannot go when My heart goes everywhere and surrounds you?   This is the true state of… Read the rest

A message from the Source

Hihanni was’te beautiful family of souls,   There is something i would like to clarify about the Great Event and the dimensional transition.Many people give dates and say that in 2020/2021 there will be the transition or the famous transition to a golden age.During one of my discussions with the Source yesterday, she asked me to transcribe and share her message, which breaks down into five important points:   “1 ° – Giving a precise date freezes things. You know that time… Read the rest

Channeling Prime Creator in Sedona ~ Coronavirus + February Forecast ~ Part 110

In this transmission, Prime Creator provides a perspective of the coronavirus and the antidote, which I have to say is pretty powerful! PC also provides a forecast for the February energies. The message includes more information about frequency and how it is not necessarily about how you feel. Good news! Prime Creator defines “Inner Work”, and those learning to do their inner work gain the advantage of those who have “paved the path” with the templates that have been set… Read the rest

Blessed Be You for the Good You Do Ω Heavenletters

God said: Life is ongoing. There is no interruption to life. So-called death is not an interruption. It is not even a pause. There are no pauses. Are there such interpretations in the world? Yes, there are such interpretations a-plenty.   Life on Earth is not an eclipse of Life in the Subtleties of Heaven. Heaven and Earth are ongoing. There is no interference except as perceived on Earth.   Life on Earth is filled with masquerades. Whole societies are built on… Read the rest

The Creator Ω Reclaim What Is Yours

JANUARY 30, 2020 As the newest wave arrives and raises you up, be sure to take your self-worth with you.  Traveling a truthful path can be isolating and The Universe recognizes that some have surrendered that vital of themselves to be part of a group or relationship.  If you surround yourself with those focused on Unconditional Love and truth, you will never be asked to give up a part of who you are.  It is time to reclaim what was… Read the rest

Touching Heaven Ω Your Heart, a Kite That Flies

God said: Your heart is designed to thrive. You have a mighty heart. It is not a wimp. No, it is not. Your heart is a stronghold of love. Your heart thrives on love. There is nothing else worthy for your heart to do but to thrive on love. The food of your heart is love. Nothing else is.   Remove all constraints from your heart. Your heart is not to wear a girdle. You do not gird your heart. You… Read the rest

Touching Heaven Ω Heavenletters

God said: The more down you feel, all the higher to rise, My beloveds. From the depths, you bounce up high with great momentum. So do not be dismayed when you feel low. Know that great power is moving you upward.   When you start to climb a mountain from the bottom of it, you have great energy to propel you forward. By the time you almost reach the peak, you may be crawling up, hand over hand.   Nevertheless, the arrival… Read the rest

The Garden of Hearts Ω Heavenletters

God said: I pat the seat beside Me. This seat is for you. I have been saving it for you. Come, sit down beside Me. Do as I ask. Gladden My heart. Of course, your heart will be the most gladdened of all. You are invited to the garden of My heart. It is all tilled and waiting for you to come and blossom for all the world to see, for you to see, for you to see how much… Read the rest