Welcome Kawani 6th Hybrid Race Via Stephanie Light

For a private session One hour is $70.00 30 mins is $44.00 15 mins is $33.00 Celestial Awakening Group   To schedule a private session please follow the link below to my group or you may privately message me for more details. Stephane.Light333@gmail.com  https://www.facebook.com/groups/57366…   Special thanks for Daniel James from The Moment Imaging who has assisted in creating this beautiful introduction. To contact Daniel to discuss what other beautiful creations he can assist you with, you can email him at themomentimaging@gmail.com  … Read the rest

ET Contact Series Ω Disclosure and Open Contact ~ Part 5

ET Contact Series: Disclosure and Open Contact, Part 5 Lyssa Royal Holt Channeling Sasha, a Pleiadian consciousness. Sasha, channeled through Lyssa since 1988, is most known for her lessons on ET contact given in the book Preparing for Contact and through her contact retreats around the world.   In this video, Sasha focuses on the idea of “Disclosure” from the ET perspective. She also discusses what open contact really means and the way it most likely will be experienced on Earth,… Read the rest