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Love the people of your past; they showed you who you did and did not want to be. Love the people of your now; their lessons and your experiences with them are invaluable. Love the people of your future; they will help you shape who you will become. ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator: https://thecreatorwritings.com/services   Source: https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com  … Read the rest

Are Mars Moon & Antarctica remnants of Atlantis? Corey Goode EXCLUSIVE [Part 1/3]

In this part 1 of 3 on Edge of Wonder with Corey Goode, we cover exclusive content on how the lost City of #Atlantis is connected to #Antarctica our own Moon and even Mars. And how all of this relates back to the pre-Adamites. Corey Goode also covers new information about the structure and the building of the moon in which he has never shared before as well more information on the situation with Antarctica and even the Grand Canyon.… Read the rest