ELAN 🌀 Love Hate Guilt



In this tape Elan explains that All That Is is Unconditional Love, and then goes on to explain in great detail the difference between ‘conditional’ and ‘unconditional’ Love, including conditional and unconditional ‘self love’.


He explains that while ‘hate’ is the polarized expression of Unconditional Love, it is ‘guilt’ that is the true opposite of Unconditional Love, that guilt is the complete withdrawal of unconditional ‘self love’ and is therefore the opposite of Love Itself.


He also discusses ‘Karmic balance’ vs ‘Karmic retribution’ and also the ‘Wild Card’ to use in even the most negative of situations: “How does this serve me exactly as it is?” BOTTOM LINE: You always have the option and the opportunity to not place conditions on your self love.


All That Is loves you unconditionally and this can always be tapped into, it is constant. You are loved, no matter what… do you not deserve to treat yourself with the same respect? REMEMBER… it is your ACTIONS that are the ultimate statement to the Universe of your BELIEFS.




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