Extraterrestrials Contacting Earth 2020 Ω Mass Ufo Sightings ~ Movie Version!


Greetings Universal Family!  I am very excited to announce my New Movie version of My Latest Artwork…😀





Download Poster Version Of This Image Size 7680 x 4320

Download Image Size 1920 x 1080

Download Image Size 1280 X 720

Download Facebook Page Size 960 X 370


You Can Print The Image in poster version Online!

Search on google for (Print Poster) near you.


View all my Artwork on lyranart.planetstarseeders.com

Or https://planetstarseeders.com/category/artwork


Free to use and share!

Much Love and Blessings Families of Divine Light

Farzad Creator of PlanetStarSeeders.com And Lyran Art.com


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6 Replies to “Extraterrestrials Contacting Earth 2020 Ω Mass Ufo Sightings ~ Movie Version!”

    1. Greetings Carol, Thank you very much, I am glad that you love the movie. i am Looking forward to it in real life to 😉 Much blessings and love dear Divine soul family!

  1. I just saw the video I was really touched as in a meditation yesterday I had a similar vision it was so beautiful and I saw your video and wow the tears welled up

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