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God said:

Let your heart swell with love. With every beat of your heart, love is propelled. Every cell absorbs the love of your heart. On every level, love matters. Love manifests itself. It knows what it is doing.


If you have a list of grievances, if someone has offended you, or let you down, here’s the cure:

For each offense, from wherever you are, silently blow a kiss to the offender. Does that seem over-simple? When you blow a kiss to one who has been less than you wanted, you wave a wand over the offense. You are letting go of it. Love the one who was less than you wanted him to be. Love him anyway.


If he has offended you a hundred times, blow a hundred kisses. If the offense does not leave your heart immediately, you have at least given it notice. You are telling the offense that you are replacing it with something dearer to your heart, and that is love.


Every offense you take in puts up a barrier. It shackles your heart. I am teaching you to let go of barriers and to love regardless. Love even the imperfect friend. Love even the imperfect teacher and the imperfect student. Love the imperfect mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, store clerk, stranger. When there is love in your heart, whom can you not love? With whom can love in your heart not be shared?


Your heart is not to be held in reserve.


Love is adequate, not inadequate. If you cannot accept the magnificence of the love in your heart, will you accept its adequateness? Is there anything better in the world than love? Do you think that perhaps your heart is vacant of it? Love is supreme. You cannot undo it. You cannot remove it. You cannot change it. Love is love regardless of what you say or do. And love is love regardless of what someone else says or does. Love has its own sovereignty.


Love is not an offshoot. It is the main stem of life. You cannot vanquish love. The best you can do is to ride with it. Go along with love. If love were a horse, stay on it.


What possible advantage can there be in trying to get along without love? Judgment and condemnation are not made of better stuff. Knowing that you are love makes you humble. Knowing that love is yours to give and to receive makes you humble. Knowing that you are greatness makes you humble. Not knowing what you are makes you take on pride. Have you not been proud of what turns out to be ignorance?


Be love more than you are right.


When all is said and done, all you have is love. All you are is love.


Be not cheap with love. Be generous with it. Sow it well. It matters more that you sow love than that you reap it. Reaping will take care of itself. Reaping is not your concern. Sowing is.


Fill your apron with love. Then wherever you are, scatter love. Scatter it to the High Heavens. Scatter it to the winds. Scatter it to the four corners of Earth. Give it away. Love never goes out of date. Take love with you everywhere, and give it away gladly.


Your heart accords you love. Your heart is your well-wisher. Let your heart walk the Earth. Let your heart give of itself. Let no one be without the love that is yours to give, for I have sent you to earth to make sure that everyone knows My love through you.



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