Live Healing Ō The Song of Mother Earth



Beautiful Loves,

I am so grateful to offer this Earth Energy Transmission to you. I felt a deep call to connect to our Mother Earth, listen to her, and to sing her song for the healing of all. When I connected to the earth, this is the transmission she shared with me, which I am honored to share with you.


As I channeled this song, I felt a message come through very strongly. It is time for us lightworkers to unite. It is time for us to come together to love ourselves in a deep way, and to give this love back to the earth. She has loved us unconditionally and she is here for us always. We have the blessing of being able to give this love back to her so that she feels nourished, the way that she has always supported and nurtured us.


If you feel called to set a personal intention before listening to this transmission, the sounds and tones will support you in releasing anything that is no longer serving you in shining your full light. As you let go, visualize the earth receiving what you have released. See her lovingly transmuting this energy and giving back nourishment and nutrients for the benefit of you and for all life.


With a heart full of gratitude, I thank you for being a part of the healing this earth so deeply desires to receive from her beloved kin.

~ Mei-lan





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