Love Is on the Move Ω Heavenletters



God said:

From My heart to yours. What else could it be? My heart beats for you. My heart loves you. Receive My love, and roll it over. Bet on it. You cannot make too much of My love.


My love is so vast. What can your love be then? Which mountain of love can you not climb? Where is there that your heart cannot go when My heart goes everywhere and surrounds you?


This is the true state of affairs. Your heart is mighty. There is an onrush of love. Love pulls up, not down. Love points to love. There is an Ocean of Love coming your way and coming My way, and Our love splashes. Love is play. Let Us splash Our love everywhere. Come play with Me.


You don’t think that I work hard, do you? I do not work at all. I love. And the waves of My love overtake everything. You are inundated by the waves of My love.


You are like a dolphin who leaps high with My love and then returns for more. Who would pass up My love? Who would skip it?


I splash you with My love now, and you splash back.


Despite appearances, everything in your life is a symbol of love. You are a symbol of love. You are My love, and yet you are also a symbol of My love. You stand for love. You stand for My love.


I can hardly call love Mine for I give My love away. It is for practical reasons only, for convenience of speech that We call love Mine, and We call love yours, for all love is Our love splattered. Then Whose love is it in this mix of life?


The one who gives love away owns it. The one who keeps love in his vault has love not. And, so, I say to you, Be My Love. That means to give My love away. That is how you keep love to you. My love is seeping into you now. My love is welling up within you now. Feel the fullness of My love – which is Ours – in your heart now.


Love, to be love, cannot stay still. Love must encompass. It must travel. It must go on a voyage. Love that hibernates is not love. Love is always on the move. Love surrenders to itself. It takes giant steps. Love is not to be hoarded. By its very nature, love is on the move.


If love were snow, it would melt and yet there would always be more snow falling to Earth. Instead of snow-bound, you would be love-bound, beloveds, yet love has no bounds. That is just the point. There is no getting away from love. Love is your Source, and love is your whole journey. Don’t get in the way of love. Do not be like a customs inspector who must inspect and stamp. Let love leap freely. Love is to be given, not inspected.


Love to your heart’s content. Love makes no stops. In order to stay, it must go on its way. This is the strength of love that it is always on the move. Love is the mighty Ocean, and love is also the waves of the Ocean. No ocean stays still. An ocean without waves is not an ocean. Still waters may run deep, but an Ocean of Love has gusto.


Love is lively, and so must you step lively with love. Love is not left to chance, or, if it is, give love a chance. Swiftly pass on your love. It is as easy as a smile. Smile your love away. I charge you to give My love away so that your heart may be full and the world filled with My love. Champion My love.



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