Maha Chohan ~ Ready Yourself for the Great Work Ahead




You are invited into the circle of the Chohans to deliberate, discuss, and draw forth your own genius in answer to Their Call. The more you know the Presence of God that is the True Identity of who you are, the greater awareness you have of the Consciousness of God at work. You have the capability to overcome any limitation your outer mind or emotions might speak, for the Power of God within you is great and mighty. Once you are filled with the Light, you realize your Presence does indeed have Divine Direction for you. When you are invited to sit with the Chohans during the Wesak World Congress, can you not begin to see the importance and the trust They extend to you? Perhaps you have not considered how important it is to your Mighty I AM Presence that you begin to think with the Mind of God, Love with the Heart of God, have the Power of God so you might have the strength to withstand the transfer of Light your Presence desires to release through your lifestream. The Maha Chohan gives this Instruction so those coming to the Wesak Congress have sufficient time to purify their consciousness and set their life in order, so that they come in Harmony, desiring only the greater good of all. He invites you to come Home to the Heart where the Cosmic Councils will give you benefit of their Direction on how to bring the Masters’ Agenda, Momentum, and God Reality, as well as your own God Reality, into a Golden Age.





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