Mei-lan Maurits Ō Enter the Soul Sanctuary



Beautiful loves,


During this wild, profound time to be alive, we get to remember the power of tapping into our joy, love, and light.


When the world feels chaotic and full of fear, it is our sacred responsibility as awakened hearts to shine our light brightly.


Many of us are quarantined, or faced with great uncertainty — but this is not the time to cower and hide.
This is the time for us to choose love, choose trust, and evolve forward by uplifting the consciousness of humanity.


I invite you to listen to this meditation to completely eliminate limiting beliefs, fear-based feelings, and thought processes that keep you from accessing who you are.


Now is the time to go deep within and access our inner light. 🌟 There is turbulence in the collective and as lightworkers, healers, and awakening souls it is our time to shine and be a beacon of love for ourselves, our families, and the collective.



Mei-lan Maurits Created the Soul Sanctuary meditations to support you through this process:


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