Mei-lan Maurits Ō Song of the New Earth



Beloved, this is the pure channeled song of the New Earth that is wanting to be birthed through us with love at this time. When I tune into the frequencies of the New Earth, this is what she sounds like. These are the sacred messages and healing tones that are coming through for us to feel deep in our hearts and souls.


These sounds and vibrations will support you and ground you into the earth so that you feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful. Each note and harmony will assist you in releasing fear and anxiety so that you can step into love on every level of your being.


When you align with Mother Earth and Source love through receiving these frequencies, you become an emanation of the healing this world needs — through your vibration and your every breath.


If this mission of relaxing, healing, and bringing through the New Earth speaks to your soul, I invite you to join me in my Soul Sanctuary course:



Mei-lan Maurits Created the Soul Sanctuary meditations to support you through this process:


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