Message from the Arcturians By Davian-Art



Message from the Arcturians

Many pretenses and illusions begin to fall.
People, groups, institutions that are not what they claim to be are beginning to be exposed and brought to light.
Do not judge them personally, however.


Just listen to your real feelings, really listen to your heart, because only light and love vibrate at high frequency.
Listen to your real feelings to better discern things in the illusion. Because many mislead you and take advantage of beliefs you may have.
Really trust your intuitions and your feelings, because this is how your soul communicates with you.


The darkness fades to make room for light.
The time is near, the time that you have prepared for many lives is now in your hands!
Let all the distractions that no longer serve you be rejected and cleansed by the Light which is now diffused on the planet.


Be fully who you really are.


The time is near …


Peace, love and light.




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