Our Sacred Universe The Hidden Life of the Cell ~ Our Little Father Mother Micro-Beings



I know there are so many Wonderful Powerful Divine Soul’s that I call our fathers and mothers of the physical reality, planets stars suns.


Our parents incarnate as planets, suns, the ground on which we stand water air fire, plants insects, animals such as dogs, cats and human beings and all the element’s/elementals such as crystals, gold, stone, iron and everything that we can see and not see based on the state of mind de ech individual has.


These wonderful powerful mother father souls also incarnate as tiny micro-beings workers that creates and update our bodies from within and protect and work together to maintain our bodies. Our family is therefore not only the planets the sun plants, animals and people. But also all the small micro-beings, cells that exist as our bodies.


Watch the videos to get an idea of what our inner Micro-Beings beings looks like and what they are doing and how they work together.


Text By Farzad Ghaffari


Inner Life Of A Cell


Our Secret Universe The Hidden Life of the Cell


Cell Structure I Nucleus Medical Media


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