Pleiadians ~ Allow the external world to be a mirror for you



The Pleiadians Channeld by Wendy  kennedy


As you become more heart centered, you create greater well being for yourself thus allowing your greater clarity in all aspects of your life.


Allow the external world to be a mirror for you, to reflect back all that you vibrate. Be present in the now to view the reflection so that you may actively acknowledge where you are and consciously choose your desired vibrational destination. As you recognize the frequencies with which you desire to align, you step out to physically engage with the moment. Now extend to others forgiveness for any impatience, harsh thought, word or deed they may have expressed towards you, knowingly or unknowingly, in this lifetime and all other lifetimes.

Trust in yourself and your intuition. Forgive yourself and all others for not being “perfect” as your ego would have. What you judge in another is what you judge in yourself. in this moment release any and all limiting ideas, beliefs or notions you may have about what is or is not feminine and masculine. Express both in equal measure. Allow The Divine to flow through you in equal measure. Accept others exactly where they are.


It is impossible to steal, take or extinguish your divine light. It is eternal and immutable. Allow the light of Source to flow through you. How else can you look at this? All that is required to change a situation is for you to alter your perspective of it. It is no more difficult for you to create small change than it is to create a dramatic one. The only difficulty is that which you perceive for yourself in your egoic mind. If you find a frequency is no longer desirable your intuition guides you in another direction.


The more joy you experience every moment, the more light of the divine you embody. As you do so, you are able to alter and shift reality with greater ease and grace. You need not seek anything outside of yourself to complete or define you. You cannot control how others feel. Allow them to be where they are as you hold your resonance to higher frequencies. Approve of yourself in any given moment. Expres your authentic self to the best of your awareness. You have the ability to change your frequency in each breath. You are not limited or restrained.


Forgive yourself for all the times you did not act with the highest level of consciousness. Forgive all others for doing the same. It is safe to connect with Source and your guides. The more you connect within the more the connection to the Divine you experience in your outer world. Your happiness is not dependent on others. Allow yourself infinite freedom to explore and create. Inspired thought comes through your connection to Self and Source.


When you choose to perceive how the vibrational experience has been of service, what you have learned from it, what it has shown you about yourself, you release all judgement and allow for integration. In the process of manifestation, you are not responsible for the form, that’s the Universes job. But if you are focused on being open to change, you are open to receiving things in multiple ways. Then the Universe can bring you a multitude of forms to support that. When you understand the true nature of reality, how it is created; that you are an infinite being of light, of power and manifestation, the earth actually has the ability to have infinite resources when you are living in balance with her.


Everything you deem as being wrong is actually an opportunity for you to grow. We tell you through the process of ascension there are only 2 things you need to do. One is to be grounded to use your discernment. The other is to be heart centered and present in the moment. If you do those two things everything takes care of itself. As you release any thoughts or emotions that are polarized, you open to greater peace, ease and grace in your life. As you create, you do so by equally utilizing the energies of the feminine and masculine. Acknowledge the importance and value of both in your life and in creative expression.


In this moment, open to the wisdom of the Divine.


Excerpt from Galactic Light Code Monthly


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