Pleiadians Commander Ukeron ~ A New way of being on this Planet



Galactic representation for Ukeron White

Message from Commander Ukeron

Dear beloved ones,
I’m Commander Ukeron,
From the Galactic Pleiadian Delta Security Forces, part of the Ashtar Command.
Here I am exchanging with Davian to bring you a new message filled with “hope”.


I am accompanied by Ash’Tar Ka’Ree of Jupiter Command, as we have assembled a Council regarding the latest events.
Now you all know what’s happening on this planet, and you have to be part of it all. So your souls can fully integrate the union, as one and the same soul. The latest ostrich forces present in your world are doing their utmost to maintain their supremacy in place.
The forces of light are constantly working within the Galactic Federation to restore the balance that has been broken for so long.
To this day, all the enlightenment workers present here are asked to come into action. This is essential for future events.
It will not be smooth. You will suffer psychic, spiritual, emotional attacks, etc. Above all, do not leave your center. Spread light from the central heart. Do not be soaked. Do not forget that you are protected.
For the moment, small groups are still resisting.
But light, peace and harmony slowly take up their “place”.
You are getting a lot of information right now, on how to “get ready” and participate in the changes.
So, do your part to bring and create a new way of being on this planet, and to access the new dimensions of love.


You are loved.





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