Pleiadians ~ Shifting in Frequency and adapting effortlessly to your New Creations




All is perfect as it is in this moment. Whatever shows up for you in the moment is perfect. The more you can bless, thank and have gratitude for a moment, whether it be positive or negative, the faster you can elevate yourself. When the divine connection is flowing, you automatically align with everything that will create balance for you. Approach life from a state of curiosity without expectation and life begins to become more excithing, more fun and much easier. You wil experience joy independent of others’ emotions or your external circumstance. You are eternally connected to everyone and everything as separation is an illusion. You are ever connected to the divine web of life.


What you need to know or do is within your conscious awareness in every given moment. Open to clarity. Trust in the natural order and flow of life. The more you trust the easier life flows. You are a being of Divine Light, and as such, you are infinite in your creative expression. The more you connect to the Divine within, the more you access the full potential of your being and the more inspiration you experience in every moment. Emotions have to be experienced in order to be released. Every challenge of your making has a solution of your making. You need only open to it. The more frequently you can bring yourself back to the moment of observation, just observation, not making it right or wrong, the more you are going to elevate your overall frequency. Forgive yourself for the times you have overstepped a boundary. Trust in yourself and in your choices in the moment. You are free to change your mind at any time.


You are divine light energy, and as such, you are equally feminine and masculine in expression. In this moment embrace the totality of your being. Trust in the divine flow of energy. Your needs are always met. You need not control the situation of the moment. Simply allow. The more you see everyone as part of yourself, the faster you will heal. You will behave differently, react differently, your perception will shift, then you can heal the world.


In this moment acknowledge yourself as a being of divine light and as such, you are whole and complete in every moment of your existence. The more often you observe your state of being, the easier it becomes for you to be in resonance with The Infinite Universe and receive all is has to offer. Release any and all limiting beliefs that prohibit you from embracing the joyousness of this moment. In this moment, open to the fullness of Source. As you do so, you allow every molecule of your being to be nurtured and nourished. Trust in yourself and your inherent safety. Trust that you are always in the right place at the divine right time.


Everything before you is a reflection of your expression or suppression of divine energy and love. Understand how this moment serves to reflect that to you. When you view reality from the co-creative level, that thing you judge as negative can be your greatest teacher about self.


Allow yourself to be like a reed in the presence of challenges. You need not be so brittle in your thoughts or so anchored in your beliefs that you cannot be flexible. As a Divine Being of Light you are ever shifting in frequency and adapting effortlessly to your new creations as you experience them in physical reality.


The Pleiadians Channeld by Wendy  kennedy




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