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God said:

Beloveds, your heart is good. Your mind has often contrived your heart to be clever and crafty. Let your heart be the good sport it is. A natural heart does not take offense. A natural heart isn’t concerned about all the things that your heart may be. A natural heart is concerned about love, and that is all. Your heart cries out to be allowed to love without recrimination, regret, or any weighing of rewards. Your beautiful heart just wants to be what it is without any strictures. How tied up your beating heart has been to imposed laws. Leave your heart alone. It knows better than you what it is to do. Your heart is meant to be of its own accord.


Your heart is self-regulating. Its beats don’t need any overseeing from you. But the love in your heart, you do willfully regulate, yet your heart is not a robot to take directions and have no mind of its own. There is a huge gong that rings incessantly. It rings all over the universe. It signals a call to love. This gong never ceases. This is the cry of the universe: “Let love out.”


Loosen the valves in your heart. Set your heart free. Your heart is supposed to roam and alight everywhere. It is meant to be a messenger of love, a go-between who drops its love off at every corner and depot. Your heart wants to send love. It must send love, or it is not happy. We are talking about love, not the things that masquerade as love. Love itself asks for no return. It doesn’t have anything in mind but giving itself. It has no agenda, hidden or otherwise.


Your heart is like a full pitcher. It merely has to be tipped, and then all blessings flow. Tip your heart, as if it were a pitcher filled with foaming cream. Tip your heart, as if it were a gentleman’s hat. Bow to love, beloveds. Curtsy to love. The main thing you have to do is to love. There is no debate about it. What else does a heart want to do but love?


If you feel depressed, you are not letting your love out to play. You perhaps have it tethered to a tree. Love needs no leash. It just needs to be given. Give your love away the way you do your thoughts, the way you give an opinion on almost every subject, Give your love away. Uphold love. Opine love. Be a gracious queen or king of love. Be a generous donor of love.


The love you give does not have to be broadcast. It just has to be given. Love does not have to be noisy. You don’t have to start a ruckus. Simply inside you, be giving your heart away. Love will go out, and love will be compounded within you. When your heart is allowed to love the universe and everyone and everything within it, then your heart basks in itself. You have great joy waiting for you, beloveds. .It just waits for a signal from you.


Your heart has been lonely. It craves to give. Just as trees drop acorns and sunflowers drop their seeds, your beating heart wants to drop itself everywhere. Your heart wants to spread seeds of love wherever it goes. This is your heart’s life-wish – fulfill it. Give your heart what it’s wants. Give it the go-ahead. Say to your heart: “Okay, heart, you want your freedom. Well, then, I emancipate you today, right now, and forevermore. You don’t need my stodginess. You never did. And now I love you first, my beautiful vibrating beating heart. I love you now, once and for all.”



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