Stephanie Light Channeling The Cows



During our camping trip, we decided to tap into the cow consciousness. Bringing a voice to the voiceless, we had a short little message to share. Thank you for letting us share this❤️



For a private session One hour is $70.00 30 mins is $44.00 15 mins is $33.00 Celestial Awakening Group


To schedule a private session please follow the link below to my group or you may privately message me for more details.…


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One Reply to “Stephanie Light Channeling The Cows”

  1. I had tears in my eyes as Stephanie read out the emotions of the cows…..I hardly eat meat these days as it doesn’t feel to be the right thing anymore….In a few years we wont be consuming animal flesh as we’ll have more respect for our animals…Ive seen what cruelty some handlers have…even the baby calves go through torment….why cant they just graze outside and live a long and harmonious life…without any fear of them and their babies coming to harm….I wish for those days to come soon🐄🐔🐮🐖🐇🐐🐂🐣

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