Bee Tribe ~ Channeling By Tyler Ellison

The spirit of the bees share their wisdom for humanity, teaching us how to enjoy and create the sweetness of life!     Book A Private Session With Tyler Ellison Channeling The Sassani Yayhel Pleiadians, Lyrians or Mantis Beings. Sessions are 77$ and are 1 hour in length! The PayPal and Skype email are the same :  … Read the rest

Animals and the Afterlife with Miranda Alcott

Miranda Alcott, MA, is an intuitive, animal communicator. She has been a certified Crisis Responder and instructor/trainer for the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA), as well.  … Read the rest

Deceased Pets as Spirit Guides with Miranda Alcott

This New Thinking Allowed “Video Nugget” has been excerpted from a longer conversation with Miranda Alcott and Jeffrey Mishlove titled “Animals and the Afterlife”.     Website:  … Read the rest