Stephanie Light Channeling The Cows

During our camping trip, we decided to tap into the cow consciousness. Bringing a voice to the voiceless, we had a short little message to share. Thank you for letting us share this❤️     For a private session One hour is $70.00 30 mins is $44.00 15 mins is $33.00 Celestial Awakening Group   To schedule a private session please follow the link below to my group or you may privately message me for more details.…  … Read the rest

Dolphin Channeling Ω Spirit of Water and Sirius By Tyler Ellison

In this transmission the dolphin speaks of its et connections to Sirius, and dives deep into our elemental water connection   Book A Private Session With Tyler Ellison Channeling The Sassani Yayhel Pleiadians, Lyrians or Mantis Beings.   Book a session with Riok Riok Session   Tyler Ellisons Facebook:  … Read the rest

Elephant Spirit Channeling By Tyler Ellison

Elephants share their message and reminder to humans to connect to their telepathic nature through deepening their connection to the animal and plant kingdrom   Book A Private Session With Tyler Ellison Channeling The Sassani Yayhel Pleiadians, Lyrians or Mantis Beings. Sessions are 77$ and are 1 hour in length! The PayPal and Skype email are the same :  … Read the rest

Monkey Saves Tiny Puppy From Stray Dogs Adopts Him And Even Lets Him Eat First

In Erode, India, locals and tourists witnessed an unusual friendship between a rhesus macaque monkey and a stray puppy. The duo became the talk of the town not only for being different but because of how close their bond is, as if they were biologically parent and child.   According to the locals, the monkey decided to adopt and protect the puppy. The two can be seen wandering through the streets together, along the busy streets of Erode, with the monkey… Read the rest

Freedom of Animals ~ Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky

Gary Yourofsky’s entire inspirational speech held at Georgia Tech in summer of 2010. Listen to this amazing speaker who will blow away the myths, fill your mind with interesting facts, and help you make ethical choices for a healthy heart and soul. His charismatic and straightforward style is one of a kind – a must-see for anyone who cares about nonhuman animals or wishes to make the world a better place. Use the captions button for subtitles in your language.  … Read the rest

Animals and the Afterlife with Miranda Alcott

Miranda Alcott, MA, is an intuitive, animal communicator. She has been a certified Crisis Responder and instructor/trainer for the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA), as well.  … Read the rest

Deceased Pets as Spirit Guides with Miranda Alcott

This New Thinking Allowed “Video Nugget” has been excerpted from a longer conversation with Miranda Alcott and Jeffrey Mishlove titled “Animals and the Afterlife”.     Website:  … Read the rest

My Dog

Unfortunately I just had to put My Dog to sleep.😢😭 Very Very saad feeling. she had tumor in her stomach and organs. she had become really weak and she reached the age of 15. she has taught me a lot about the unconditional love within me and within all that exisit she gave me a beautiful unforgettable life. She is now back to the soul realm soon I will region here in the soul realm. Much Love dear soul for… Read the rest

Animals as our Guides Healers and the Connections they have with our Chakras

  Animals pets like dogs and cats bring strong guidance and healing to us. Our animal companions are master healers, because they embody the vibration of unconditional love.    … Read the rest

The Deeper Spiritual Purpose of Pets

The process of placing our energy within a body, and in so doing forgetting that we are vast, majestic, Divine Beings made literally from the energy of Unconditional Love, is akin to being struck on the head by a heavy tree branch and rendered unconscious, only to awaken with no memory whatsoever. What would happen if you actually had such an experience? All who love you, each member of your family, every dear friend, would come to your side and… Read the rest

Earthlings • (Full Documentary)

Earthlings is a 2005 American documentary film about humanity’s use of other animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and for scientific research. Covering pet stores, puppy mills, and animal profession, Earthlings includes footage obtained through the use of hidden cameras to chronicle the day-to-day practices of some of the largest industries in the world, all of which rely on animals. It draws parallels between racism, sexism, and speciesism. If you want to make a change, take the 22 day challenge: … Read the rest

Happy Cows” Released From Slaughterhouse

After the winter season this cow-herd (included some young cows, which are not jet started to give milk, and never need to, and one bull) are coming out to the open field again. At this moment, is is a few months ago, that there are saved from saughterhouse by the neigbourhood. Usually, cows are happy when they get out in spring, but these cows are happier than the avarage dairy cow (they have no more stress in their live, from… Read the rest

They Released 14 Wolves Into A Park. What Happens Next Is A Miracle And Proves That We Can Take Care Of Our Amazing Planet

In 1995, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, along with Canadian biologists, captured 14 wolves in Canada and placed them in Yellowstone National Park, where they had been extinct since 1926. Over the next few years, the number of wolves rose, but that was the least of the changes that took place in Yellowstone. The effects were more striking than anyone could have expected. The entire ecosystem of the national park transformed and it went so far that even the rivers changed. How could this… Read the rest