⚠️ Archangel Gabriel ∞ 2022 ~ Shifting into a New Phase ~ Video

Archangel Gabriel ∞ 2022 ~ Shifting into a New Phase ~ Video   Book A Private Session With Shelley Young Channeling Archangel Gabriel: www.trinityesoterics.com/private-sessions   Source: https://trinityesoterics.com    … Read the rest

⚠️ Archangel Gabriel ~ Remembering who you are in every moment

Your way to Harmony is remembering who you are in every moment…a Divine Expression, Spirit into matter. Dear One,Who you are is so much more than a body in the material world. Your very essence is part of a greater whole — God in whom you live, move and have your being, the Source of all Life.    This Presence expressing through you is the gift you give to the world. Imagine what earth would be like if all people remembered… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Greater Presence with Yourself And Others

DAILY MESSAGE ~ TUESDAY DECEMBER 10, 2019 There is a common belief that it is scary to explore within yourself. But what if we told you it was a world of wonder? Don’t let the fear of your shadows deny you the joyful discovery of the glory of you, Dear Ones, for your love, acceptance, and acknowledgement is all they are seeking. Ultimately it is your presence with yourself that opens the door for greater presence with others. ~Archangel Gabriel… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel On Gratitude And Where Our Soul wishes to go

DAILY MESSAGE ~ THURSDAY NOVEMBER 28, 2019 Gratitude is positive focus wrapped up in appreciation and love. It is the steering wheel of your flow, the anchor of your desired experiences, your energetic thank you card to the universe, and your blessing of continuation. It is a powerful, multi-faceted tool that expands, accepts, and allows you to acknowledge the magic of your present moment. It beautifully pre-paves the way for your tomorrows, as well.   Embrace the energy of gratitude, Dear… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Your Energetic Feedback to the Universe

Most of you have been conditioned to live your lives on high alert, always on the lookout for what is wrong or not working. This has been passed down to you from other generations, where survival was threatened on a continual basis, and is the focus of those who fear victimization.   Dear Ones, one of the most prevalent aspects of the shift of consciousness you are part of is moving beyond victim consciousness into your authentic power. As such, your… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ The Art and Need of Love Emanation

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa  Greetings, I, Archangel Gabriel, bring forth the pure and loving vibrations of the Angelic Kingdom as an energy and source of strength and empowerment to support you. Many of you already know the power of love, recognising that a focus upon love encourages awareness of your oneness with the Creator. I, Archangel Gabriel, wish to emphasis to you in my communication today the strength and necessity for a… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Right Time Right Place Scenarios

Surrendered human beings are delightfully easy to nudge into right time/right place scenarios. And it is such fun for us to do! We watch with bated breath and great anticipation because your discoveries and reactions are always so wonderful. There is so much joy in co-creation! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young   Book A Private Session With Archangel Gabriel: www.trinityesoterics.com/private-sessions   Source: https://trinityesoterics.com  … Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ The power of your prayers

Your prayers are a beacon calling to you the Love and the Wisdom that You Seek.   Dear One, Just as a ship at sea can find the land it is seeking through the beacon light on shore, so it is the power of your prayers. The guiding light of your prayers sets an intention for your life that leads the way to all you require for an abundant, healthy and joy-filled life. Prayer is an alignment with God’s energy. It… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Trusting the unknown

So many of you have trouble trusting the unknown and staying in a state of surrender and flow long enough to move into intersections with your greatest opportunities. Allow us to remind you that your grandest creations come from the expanded field of potentiality that exists just beyond what you can see in your physical reality. There is no need to know all the details because magic and mystery are what make the secret sauce of your most delicious manifestations.… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ There is an incredibly intelligent system of evolution driving your ascension process

Dear Ones, there is an incredibly intelligent system of evolution driving your ascension process. You are loved. You are supported. You cannot get it wrong. You are where you are because you are ready for it. And just as with any other co-creational manifestation, trust and find comfort in the fact that you do not need to know every detail in order to be successful with the unfoldment of it all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young   If you resonate with… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Your full Presence

Your full presence is one of the greatest gifts you can give another. Being with another without distraction and making them feel truly seen and accepted is a wonderful way of acknowledging, honouring, and celebrating who they are. In fact, being seen and understood in your truth is what so many of you yearn for because it is what you miss most from the energies of Home. So be present with yourself. Be present with others. Allow yourself to be… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Your Beingness and Truth

Dear Ones, not embracing who you really are out of fear of falling into ego is a denial of self. There is a big difference between the bluster of the ego and the authenticity of simply showing up in your beingness and truth, for one seeks to separate while the other honours everyone involved. You, through your awareness, will always have the wisdom to know the difference. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young   SALE! Hour long private sessions with Shelley and… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Bring an open Heart into the present situation

Ground any excess energy such as fear, anxiety or angerinto the Earth, then bring an open heart into the present situation.   Dear One, Grounding excess energy means being aware that any time you are feeling anxious, angry, fearful or over-excited, you are experiencing excess energy in your body, which can be consciously redirected. This energy is very potent and can be used in a constructive way.   A metaphor might be useful. In electrical terms, it is necessary to have something… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Past Present Future Experience

If you have wounds or an experience you are having trouble healing beyond, what if you observed it much as you would a past life? Can you take an observational viewpoint that allows you to acknowledge the entirety of the experience, the purpose, and ultimately the gifts of expansion it offered you? Can you honour that past you by embracing it and giving it the love, acknowledgement, and healing guidance it needs to evolve beyond that space once and for… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Acknowledge your inherent Goodness

FRIDAY AUGUST 16, 2019 Every time you doubt whether you are good enough you are denying your own innate goodness. We understand you are trying to be diligent and what drives this is a desire to be the best you can be, but a far better practice would be to just acknowledge your inherent goodness and allow it to lead the way.  Doing so is a beautiful act of acceptance for yourself and moves you forward in the way that… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ The Ascension Process is well Underway

If you are an enlightening human being, you are on the planet with a service contract. This means that you have been assisting the shift of consciousness that is occurring right now. Because ascension has been attempted before and was unsuccessful, you came into the body with an inherent seriousness, a dedication to service, and also a level of perfectionism because you wanted to leave no room for error.   Dear Ones, your efforts have been successful. The ascension process is… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ The Heart is the Soul’s Operating System

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 14, 2019 Dear Ones, the greatest comfort you will experience will come by getting all parts of yourself in cooperation with your expansion and evolution. This means honouring and including both the head and the heart. How do you do that? By giving both jobs.   Allow your mind to create new broad intentions. Use it to see signs and synchronicities. Encourage it to notice things to be grateful for. Get your mind to formulate questions to ask the… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Your Needs can be Met

Dear Ones, the fear of feeling your emotions is far worse than the actual feeling of the emotion. You are more than ready to sit in loving support to the parts of you that have been hurt or are seeking your attention. And the beautiful thing is, once you commit to doing so, they will dissipate very quickly.   By being willing to acknowledge, accept, and love any aspect of self that feels dismissed or neglected, you automatically heal any abandonment… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ All movement is forward movement

Dear Ones, what we wish for you to understand is that all movement is forward movement. Whether you are completely dedicated to your spiritual path, or whether you are exploring what it is not, you are gathering information that allows you to decide what resonates with you and how you wish to express yourself.   Even if a person is seemingly making one bad decision after another or is completely resistant to growth, they will eventually reach a place so painful… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Create a Conscious Relationship with your Higher Power

Strengthen your conscious awareness of other states beyond the physical, communicate deeply within yourself and learn to trust in your own answers.   Dear One, You are here on this planet to develop yourself fully. When the ancient philosophers stated “Know Thyself,” they were talking about the power of Self-awareness. This means not just one’s consciousness of the physical, or even of the mental and emotional selves. To truly know oneself means having real discernment of who you are as a… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Following Love Over Worry

SUNDAY AUGUST 11, 2019 If you have trouble embracing the flow, you might consider viewing it as Following Love Over Worry. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young   SALE! Hour long private sessions with Shelley and Gabriel are on sale for $149 (regular $175)! Book A Private Session With Archangel Gabriel: www.trinityesoterics.com/private-sessions   Source: http://trinityesoterics.com  … Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ You are in charge of your energetics

Saturday, August 10, 2019 Dear Ones, you are in charge of your energetics. The idea that any energy is stronger than you is simply not true. You are sovereign beings, and as such, are completely free to emanate your truth, light, and beingness without any sort of interference.   Not only are you more than capable of being in charge of your own energetics, you are also fully capable of being the bringer of energy, rather than the catcher of energy,… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Gentle

What is the most gentle and loving thing you can do for yourself today? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young   Book A Private Session With Archangel Gabriel: www.trinityesoterics.com/private-sessions   Source: http://trinityesoterics.com  … Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ The foundational stepping stones of surrender faith flow and trust

Peace is a powerfully stabilizing energy. The more you can find your way into a place of peace, the more you serve not only yourselves, but others and your planet as well. But what if you cannot find the space of peace you crave?   Peace comes from the combination of faith and trust, acceptance and allowing. If you seek peace and find it elusive, focus on the development of its foundational elements. Deepen your faith through prayer or meditation. Nurture… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ New vistas and possibilities

AUGUST 7, 2019 We wish to remind you that the greatest changes are always made one small step at a time. It is the accumulation of energy that comes from those consistent efforts that allows new vistas and possibilities to open to you. Taking it one now moment at a time lets you choose the best match to the energies you are in at any given time, which supports empowered forward movement. You don’t have to have all the answers… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Creating New ways of Living abundantly that serve the whole

Many enlightening human beings experience challenges with abundance. This can be due to old belief systems, or simply not wanting to be part of a system that is seen as separatist. You may be rejecting the old ways of the haves and the have nots.   You are on the planet during a time of complete transformation and all systems will be upgraded to reflect that. As you step into your embodiment, you start to experience yourself as part of all… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ The highest potentials that exist in the next phase of your incarnation

Many of you are in the in-between phase. You have left what no longer works for you and have yet to fully connect into where you are going. This is actually a wonderful stage that serves a great purpose. When you have released the old and haven’t yet discovered the new, all you have is the Now moment. This phase allows you to fully develop presence, which is always your true point of power. It is an essential skill that… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Love people enough to give them the room to grow and evolve

We realize that for many of you trust is an issue. We have spoken of how people are evolving and changing. The question so many of you have is, “How do you know it is safe to let someone back into your life if they have hurt you?”   Most people, if they are being held accountable for actions that have been hurtful to others, will be anxious to smooth things over. They will promise to be different. They are invested… Read the rest