The Presence of Everything by Archangel Raphael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa   In loving radiant presence, I, Archangel Raphael, greet you. May my healing energies awaken your belief in your own healing powers, creating a beautiful dawning of spiritual strength and the creative forces within you. Now is the time to recognise your own radiance, realising what is present for you within your inner radiance. I simply act as a mirror for you to recognise the Creator residing within your physical… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel Ω Your inner wise one

DAILY MESSAGE ~ TUESDAY FEBRUARY 11, 2020   Your inner wise one is the shepherd that can lovingly gather up all aspects of you and guide you forward in the most integrated and empowered ways. It is always there for you to connect with by simply feeling into your own divine spark that exists in your center, wherever you think your center is, and allowing it to lead the way. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young   Book A Private Session With Archangel… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel Ω Opportunities for the Divine Light to Shine

December 29, 2019   All situations are opportunities for the Divine Light to shinethrough you as times of celebration, not fear. Dear One,Your life is divinely guided and directed at every moment. Calling on the Angels for assistance gives you a direct link to your greater good and aids the wisdom of the universe to flow through you. When you dwell in fear or doubt, this constricts your perception and does not allow the natural out-flowing of good to come through… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ A great deal is coming up for us as we head into 2020

Today is another one of those not a regular daily message kind of days. 🙂   Years ago I had received a channel from Gabriel about the energies being much like rapids. He’s been giving me that same imagery the past couple of days in regard to the energies we are experiencing right now.   When we enter rapids, we can feel pummelled from all sides. Our main focus becomes keeping our balance and not falling out of the boat. We can… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ The Path of Unfoldment

DAILY MESSAGE ~ MONDAY OCTOBER 28, 2019 Dear Ones, the beautiful thing is you do not need to have all the answers. All you must do is willingly move with whatever is being tangibly supported and trust that everything else is in an energetic phase of creation. There is no need to fight or figure it all out at once. The path of unfoldment is perfectly paced to be gentle and magical as it reveals itself to you one now… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Where Your Heart is Calling you to Go

DAILY MESSAGE ~ FRIDAY OCTOBER 25, 2019 The pioneers of your planet worked from a deep state of trust, curiosity, exploration, and expansion. Even though they were often ridiculed or considered crazy, they didn’t spend time trying to get people to understand what they were doing, they simply followed their hearts and the calling of their souls. There was no map to where they were going and that was ok. It was through their explorations they created the maps for… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Trust

23 OCT DAILY MESSAGE ~ WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 23, 2019 Trust is the necessary element for any forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young   Book A Private Session With Archangel Gabriel:   Source:  … Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ The Power Of Your focus

Your judgment keeps you in a painful state of resistance and separation. Your acceptance automatically redirects you into a far more comfortable energetic space where forward movement and connection can occur. Your focus has the power to shift your energetic state instantaneously. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young   Book A Private Session With Archangel Gabriel:   Source:  … Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Your Readiness for this Next Phase and in a Universe that Adores You

FRIDAY OCTOBER 11, 2019   Trust is what allows you to embrace accelerated forward movement with openness and excitement. Many of you are about to enter periods of big movement. The deeper your trust, both in your readiness for this next phase and in a universe that adores you, the more exhilarating and joyful the ride will be. Savour the unfoldment in all its glory, Dear Ones! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~~~~~~~ If you are feeling like you would like… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Divine Intersections

Faith and trust work together to keep you in surrender and flow, and acceptance and allowing. This is the model that supports divine intersections and empowered forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young   Book A Private Session With Archangel Gabriel:   Source:  … Read the rest

Archangel Raphael ~ Love and the Higher Levels of Creation

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa  I extend my angelic love to greet you, I am Archangel Raphael. I wish to come forth to continue the conversation and communication of Archangel Gabriel by speaking of the presence of love; the love of the Creator. Archangel Gabriel emphasised the importance of connecting with the source of love within your being, embodying this love and radiating it into the world to create love in action. By… Read the rest

Archangel Michael ~ The Kingdom of Heaven

Jahn J Kassl, September 2, 2019 REVOLUTIONARIES, PROPHETS AND MASTERS – AWAKEN! Beloved humans, Crossing borders, exploring new paths and extending your journey far beyond your imagination – this is what this message is about.   I am ARCHANGEL MICHAEL As of yet, fear of repression and possible consequences if you revolt against the conditions of this matrix, is still widespread. “Revolutionaries” rarely ever came to a peaceful end, and their lives were full of unfortunate consequences that left deep imprints… Read the rest

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Archangel Metatron

Today our message is surround in the loving light of Archangel Metatron.   He is a beloved archangel who wants to work with anyone ready to take your growth to the next level. He says “You have important things to achieve and in order to get there; it requires a bit of self-discipline, will power, and sometimes a bit of hard work. Do not be discouraged by your past nor make it more than it seems to be. See the truth… Read the rest

Artwork ~ Extraterrestrials Contacting Earth ~ Update By Farzad

Created by Farzad Ghaffari  Right click on the image and click on save it as! Watch or Download The Full Size Image here! Click here for the Night version!   Much Love and Blessings Farzad  Creator of  … Read the rest

Awakening Your Angelic Body of Love by Archangel Michael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa    I am Archangel Michael; I extend my blessings and love to you now from the depths of my soul, allow yourself the freedom to bathe in my light and the love I wish to embrace you with. I, Archangel Michael, am the angelic representative of the first ray of light holding the Creator’s will and divine plan, alongside Archangel Faith my feminine aspect. Archangel Faith is present as I… Read the rest

Channeling Prime Creator in Sedona ~ Financial Predictions

Will cryptocurrency become more valuable than precious metals like gold and silver? What is the financial forecast for the summer? Prime Creator answers these questions and more. As always, I invite you to use discernment. Take the information that resonates and leave the rest.    … Read the rest

Shedding the Fear of the Planet by Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa    I am Archangel Metatron, I extend the most sacred angelic energies, vibration and consciousness to you now, drawing from the abundant generosity, love and devotion of the angelic kingdom. We, angelic beings, are the loving heart of the Creator and we encapsulate you now in the immense purity and love that we hold. We are a symbol to you of the sacred wealth of love that you hold… Read the rest

Brad Johnson Channeling Jaziel Rasiel & Oriel (Angel Trinity) On Their Domain + 4th Density Earth

Brad Johnson channels his three angel guides: Jaziel, Rasiel and Oriel as they speak on what their own spiritual domain is like plus additional information on 2037/2038 and the Fourth Density harvest and Earth.    … Read the rest

Archangel Michael ~ Heart Activations and the Abundance of Gaia

By Archangel Michael Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide information on the current energies. We are in the 5~5 Portal energies, and these energies are intense. Most of this month’s energies are heavily revolving around the Heart. The clearing that the light workers have been doing for many moments, is to fully open, allow and embrace the Heart. That is what the spiritual journey is about… Coming home, back into the Heart, severing the mind… the ego, completely.… Read the rest

Archangel Michael through Ronna Vezane

Archangel Michael through Ronna Vezane, April 30, 2019   Evolution of the Earth * First through Fourth Dimensions Evolution of the Solar System * Fifth and Mid-Sixth Dimensions Evolution of the Galaxy * Sixth and Mid-Seventh Dimensions   Beloved masters, the God Rays of Creation for the Piscean Age, which contained the specific aspects, qualities, virtues, designs and formulas for the creative process of that ERA, were beamed down upon the Earth and humanity for over 2,000 years. Those Creator Rays are… Read the rest

Archangel Zadkiel ~ The Energy of Change Through Linda Robinson

Greetings Beloved Ones,   WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today we wish to discuss the energy of change.   You are continuing to receive new, incoming energy that surrounds you and bathes your aura in higher frequencies from the Universe.   You may experience this as an inviting event, or you may not feel ready for it. No matter what your initial impression may be, you can use this new energy to help you move… Read the rest

Archangel Jophiel ~ Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn

Clear the clutter   It is time to take care of business – earth business we mean! Get rid of things you don’t need, want, or like, regardless where they came from. It is time to purge these things so that you can make room for clear energy to flow back into your life.      It might amaze you to learn how your attachment to things, especially things you don’t really like affects your energy. Once these ‘things’ are gone, there is… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ The Universe is in the process of Orchestrating your next Right Place Scenarios

Can you recall a time where everything aligned perfectly with all the right time/right place scenarios? Do you remember how magically it unfolded, and how all that was required of you was to allow yourself to flow along with the divine perfection of it all? Can you think back to how you couldn’t help but marvel at how all the elements came together so beautifully? That is exactly what the universe is in the process of orchestrating for you right… Read the rest

Archangel Michael ~ Energies of The Celestial Bodies, Gifts of Love Are Upon You

Greetings Dear Ones, I have come to provide an update on the current energies pouring onto the planet and the Collective. These are some very intense energies as many of you are feeling daily. These energies of the Celestial bodies are assisting in bringing up all dense energies which does not resonate with your Soul… with Love. Otherwise, Major Win for the Light. Many lightworkers have gone or are going through experiences to help release these energies. Others are simply… Read the rest

Your Relationship with the Creator by Archangel Azrael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa   From the Celestial Vibrations and Dimensions, I call upon the Wisdom of the Heavens to download into my being. I now reclaim my sacred wisdom, knowledge and understanding gifted to me from the Creator and because of my unique expression of the Creator. May my mind open to the expansive nature of the Creator, may my thoughts be of the purity and enlightenment of the Creator and all that… Read the rest

Archangel Gabriel ~ Being The Only Expert On you

One of the most important shifts you can make as an enlightening human being, is transitioning from making decisions based on what others think to making decisions based on what is right for you and your own unique life expression. This involves stepping beyond old conditioning as well as trusting your own wisdom and divine capability to assume the role of being the only expert on you.  In many ways this is a spiritual coming out, allowing your mastery and… Read the rest