The Arcturian Group ~ Increasingly High Frequency energies pouring to Earth

Welcome dear readers of the Arcturian Group messages.   Increasingly high frequency energies pouring to earth at this time are serving to bring up deeply buried personal and global fears on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels for many already awakened as well as for the un-awakened.   Much of this fear has its root in the programing that has taken place for everyone on earth throughout their hundreds of lifetimes. Mankind has been taught that if they are “good”, obey the… Read the rest

Clearing Your Consciousness The Arcturians ~ Through Suzanne Lie

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie   Dear Arcturians, Do you have a message for me today? Yes, we the Arcturians have a message for everyone on every day. In fact, we invite all who read this message to remember that you too have messages from us, and/or other members of your Galactic Family.    Please remember that you all have a Galactic Family. However, it can be difficult to remember that fact while you are facing the many challenges of your third-dimensional… Read the rest

The Arcturians ~ Your Higher Dimensional Self

Dear Arcturians, Is something important happening now? We, the Arcturians, wish to answer all of you, YES, something IS happening to ALL OF YOU.Everyone is receiving the higher frequencies of energy that are moving into and through your bodies in a strange trans-mutational manner. You might say that the protective cover of the lower dimensional energy field that was placed around your bodies at birth is beginning to fall away.No one knows about this protective cover, as it a natural… Read the rest

The Arcturian Group ~ Frequencies of Light are Dissolving the Chains of Dense and Millennia old Energies

JULY 28,2019 Dear readers, welcome during these times of so much change and chaos. The energy of earth has become increasingly intense for everyone dear ones, but never lose sight of the fact that you chose to be on earth during these times. Being already evolved souls, you chose to complete and clear anything yet unfinished for yourselves and then assist with earth’s ascension.   Frequencies of Light created by the awakening of increasingly more individuals is dissolving the chains of… Read the rest

Arcturian Group ~ Earth is a Spiritual Universe Filled with Divine Beings

JULY 14.2019 Dear readers, know that the strife and conflicts taking place at this time on earth indicate the shifts of consciousness that are happening. The status quo is being questioned and no longer blindly accepted by an ever increasing number of people. The innate self serving goals of many three dimensional standards are beginning to be recognized for what they are and as more and more awaken, will be eliminated or transmuted to higher forms. Know that all is… Read the rest

Arcturian Group ~ A New and Higher Collective Consciousness is being Formed

JUNE 30, 2019   Dear readers, welcome to another message from those who watch and love you dearly. Never believe that the other side is unaware of your struggles. Many of us have also experienced lives on earth and know what it is like to live in the energies of duality and separation.   We understand the hypnotism that permeates every aspect of living in third dimensional energy and therefore have a great deal of respect for the courage and strength you… Read the rest

ART ~ Contacting Arcturians By Farzad

Created by Farzad Ghaffari  Watch or Download The Full Size Image here!     Much Love and Blessings Farzad  Creator of  … Read the rest

Arcturians ~ Earthbound Perceptions of the Fifth Dimensions ~ through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,   Do you have a message for me today? Yes, we the Arcturians, have messages for everyone on every day. However, dear grounded ones, Earth is a “free will planet.” Therefore, if you wish to communicate with your greater Galactic Family, you will need to ask.    It is the act of asking for assistance from your higher dimensional family that opens the two-way portal between your third/fourth-dimensional reality and our fifth dimensional, and beyond, dimensional family.    Yes, our family… Read the rest

The Arcturians ~ The Flow of the NOW of the ONE

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie   Dear ONES,    By this we mean each and every ONE of you who is aware that your third-dimensional life is filled with brief pictures about both possible realities that are, or have been within your imagination, as well as your past realities, your future realities, and/or your present experience of reality.    Gradually, as you resonate more and more to your fifth-dimensional expression of SELF, you will be within the “flow of the no time of… Read the rest

Arcturian Group ~ It is a Time of Renewal and the Remaking of all Things

JUNE 2, 2019 Dear readers, we often speak of ascension but our messages are primarily meant to awaken you to the reality of who you are. We seek to help you understand that rather than being simply human physical bodies that must forever struggle for necessities, the reality is that you already embody everything you have ever sought in every lifetime. You are Divine Beings, God in expression, experiencing three dimensional energy.   In the beginning, all were pure spirit, expressions… Read the rest

The Arcturian Group ~ Increasing Activities of Unconditional Love

Dear ones, we are here to assist you in awakening more deeply to the innate beauty and grace of your Divine core essence in spite of the difficult experiences some of you are having at this time. Know that at this point of your evolution, difficult experiences are no longer random but rather represent necessary lessons chosen by you in order to more fully awaken. The familiar world seems to be crumbling both personally and globally and in truth, it… Read the rest

Message from Ashtar St Germain Yeshi Pleiadian & Arcturian Collectives Mother & Father (5/4/19) By Galaxygirl

Greetings dear friends, I am Ashtar of the Galactic Federation. I stand before you now on the bridge of the New Jerusalem with tears of joy streaming down my face. For such a momentum has been reached and we are witnessing explosions of light and love in new pockets that we have seen little light in previously. Things are definitely heating up and changing on your surface world, on precious Gaia, as she morphs and changes, resplendent in her beauty.  … Read the rest

The Arcturian Group ~ You have reached a place of Readiness

Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele MAY 5,2019 Dear readers, we welcome you to this message of guidance and wisdom with which you also receive energies of Light.  You have reached a place of readiness for more than main stream news and doctrines filtered through the three dimensional consciousness of others.  You have the ability to access information from within.      Whether  information comes from a government, church, corporation, family member, or your own mind, learn to stop accepting it at face value… Read the rest

Arcturian Morning Message ~ The Power of NOW

Through Suzanne Lie   Dear Ones, We say “ones” as we speak to all who have chosen to listen to the messages that we, the Arcturians, Pleiadians and other members of your Galactic Family, are sending to you. We send these messages as you are our brave warriors who volunteered to take an earth vessel during this NOW of Gaia’s great need.    Yes, dear Mother Gaia has been having a very difficult time due to the lost humans who care only… Read the rest

The Arcturian Collective ~ A Loving Touch

Channeled by Galaxygirl Greetings friends, we are the Arcturian Collective, sending you tremendous love and light in this precious Now moment. Much is underway friends, and you are feeling it. Many of you have had interesting aches and pains that migrate and don’t make sense to the logical mind, for there is no injury involved that you can see. But you have had many lifetimes and many woundings. You are clearing them for yourself or for the collective. You are… Read the rest

The Arcturians ~ THE SUN LIGHTS UP THE HIDDEN DARKNESS ~ Through Sue Lie

The Sun Lights Up the Hidden Darkness    The “Sun” represents that which you perceive more clearly in the light of day. With “the light of day” meaning that which you can easily perceive as it is “lit up” above or before us. Therefore, it represents that which you have chosen to perceive with your conscious mind.   On the other hand, the Moon reflects the circle of light in the darkness of the night. This “circle of light” is that which… Read the rest


We are the Arcturians, are here within your NOW to share with you some information about your Galactic SELF. First, ALL of you have a Galactic SELF. Even those who are working against Gaia’s ascension into the fifth dimension are Galactics that have fallen from and/or forgotten their true Galactic SELF or were “fallen Galactics” who came to Gaia and were corrupted by the dark ones, as well as from the fear and anger that is common on dear Gaia’s… Read the rest

Arcturian Collective By Galaxygirl

Greetings friends, we are the Arcturian Collective, sending you tremendous love and light in this precious Now moment. Much is underway friends, and you are feeling it. Many of you have had interesting aches and pains that migrate and don’t make sense to the logical mind, for there is no injury involved that you can see. But you have had many lifetimes and many woundings. You are clearing them for yourself or for the collective. You are doing the work… Read the rest

The Process of Ascension – The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Nothing in Nature travels alone. All Life is intertwined.]   We all work on an elemental level. The elementals are the foundation of all matter. The elementals create the frequency of matter, which is the frequency of our thought forms, the frequency of our brainwaves, the frequency of our consciousness, and the frequency of our perceptions.   Floating thought forms flow through the air, float on the water, dance in the fire and settle on the earth. These thought forms are trying… Read the rest

Believing Your Inter-Dimensional SELF – The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

We Arcturians, along with our dear friends the Pleiadians, always have messages for, our volunteers to take earth vessels. Our volunteers have been taking earth vessels for many millennia now, and are ready to assist humanity with their planetary transition/transmutation back to their Home Worlds in the higher fourth and fifth dimensions.   In fact, more and more of “the volunteers to assist Gaia” are remembering they’re higher fourth and fifth-dimensional incarnations, as well as their multidimensional “Galactic Soul.”   Earth, also… Read the rest

Releasing Time – The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

As time, as we know it, continues to collapse, the concept of remembering is gradually replaced with the concept of KNOWING. At first “knowing” feels similar to remembering, but you increasingly realize that remembering had doubt, whereas knowing IS. In other words, when you KNOW, you are free of all doubt.   Being free of doubt is difficult as there is nowhere to hide, and you are completely vulnerable and in the daily process of full disclosure of all that has… Read the rest

The Arcturian Group – The New Age You Are Creating

Dear readers, welcome to the new age you are creating and have begun to experience. Let go of any concepts about how change must look because this only reflects what is already known.   The massive shift in world consciousness that is taking place will express in ways and ideas that the human collective is not yet aware of. Many resist change simply because they believe it will interfere with what seems to be perfectly fine already, unaware that better expressions… Read the rest