⚠️ 👽 Bashar ⊕ There are only Five Laws in Creation & Video

From Bashar: 1.You exist. If you exist now, your existence is eternal:You have always existed and you always will exist.  You may change form,but you are existing always .   So…..relax…..you’ll be around forever.   2. Everything is Here/Now. Time and Space are illusions.   (But your experiences within Time/Space are “real”.)There is only Here/Now.   3. The All is one, and the One is all. Just as each tiny section of a hologram contains the information for the entirehologram, likewise we are all… Read the rest

⚠️👽 Bashar Free Energy Ω Space Time Antenna ~ Update

inspiration From Bashar! So a fellow experimenter named Chuck (who has far more electrical experience and knowledge than I) is also doing some investigation with the Bashar STA. He has not only built a small scale model, but has also started doing measurements through an oscilloscope and is getting working proof of concept results! With a functioning STA, he added a metallic tetrahedron around the STA which seems to improve its ability to receive energy even further.     You can view… Read the rest

Bashar ~ Upcoming Live Stream Event! – Saturday 7/18/20 – 1-3-5-7-11 A Refresher Course

In this transmission, Bashar will give a review of the core concepts he has given over the years, and how they fit together especially in this time of ascension. He has discussed The One, the Trinity, the Five Laws, the Seven Needs, and the 11 Elements of Excitement. He has discussed the idea of releasing your attachment to who you were, and allowing yourself to be drawn through The Eye of the Needle by the person you prefer to become… Read the rest

👽 Bashar discusses Time Travel with Alan Steinfeld

Information + Ordering: https://www.basharstore.com/the-mind-…   In The Mind Body Meditation, Bashar describes a powerful new permission slip meditation exercise based on The Seven Basic Needs that bring fulfillment and a greater sense of peace and appreciation to our lives. In this clip from that session, Bashar and Alan Steinfeld discuss the concept of time travel.   Complete Session Q&A includes:• What race do I connect to at dreamtime?• What is the timeframe for hybrid children living on earth?• How can I further… Read the rest

Bashar Ω Navigating The Splitting Prism of Parallel Realities Δ Highlights

Now that many parallel realities are beginning to overlap on our planet, it’s becoming easier to see people choosing many different paths that will lead to many different versions of Earth.  In this session Bashar gives us a new tool that will help us deal with the changes we’re observing.  We can learn better discernment, how to tell what our choices are.This new permission slip will show us how to maintain the state of being that we most prefer regardless… Read the rest

Bashar ~ Positive 🌀 Negative Beliefs in Geometry From Brick Walls Beliefs

Negative beliefs or negative energy that disassociates, segregates, compartmentalizes, rigidities and separates needs a larger bag of tricks to sustain itself. And so, it will go from an expanding circular structure that is positive and fluid, to the rigid crystallized non expanding structure. It will then contain several compartments, several bags of tricks that it uses to reinforce itself to make it seem like it’s the thing you must keep choosing over and over again.  You have to recognize what… Read the rest

Bashar ~ You Are All Time Travelers ~ Highlights

This One is one of my many favorites of Bashar.. Enjoy Much Love Divine Families.     Bashar ~ You Are All Time Travelers ~ Highlights   Information and ordering: http://www.basharstore.com/you-are-al…   Bashar takes us on a deeper journey about how we shift through parallel realities to create time and how we can navigate through time with more awareness.   Q&A Includes:• What are our dreams in regards to time travel?• Can we go back and talk to our past selves?• What is the mechanism… Read the rest

Bashar ~ Upcoming San Francisco Event ~ November 16 – 2019!

Navigating the Splitting Prism of Parallel Realities – November 16, 2019 – 10:00 am – 4:30 pm Information + Registration: https://www.bashar.org/event/bashar-san-francisco-event-november-16-2019/  … Read the rest

Bashar & Riok Channeling

Website: https://www.bashar.org   Book A Private Session With Tyler Ellison Channeling The Sassani Yayhel Pleiadians, Lyrians or Mantis Beings.   Sessions are 200$ and are 1 hour in length!   Contact Information The PayPal and Skype email are the same : tellison700@gmail.com  … Read the rest

Bashar ~ Upcoming Los Angeles Event! October 4-5-6 ~ 2019

The Last Days of Atlantis – Friday Evening Event October 4, 2019 – 7:30pm – 10pm What was it like to live in Atlantis? What became of the people? And why should we know about it now? Finally a session where Bashar gives us everything we’ve ever wanted to know about The Last Days of Atlantis. In this transmission we will learn about this pivotal culture in human history and be given a chance to grow and change from our… Read the rest

Bashar ~ Upcoming Bashar Sedona Event! September 14~15~2019

Live Channeling Day 1Saturday, September 14, 2019 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm “Think Outside the Box”Bashar’s ideas are usually bigger than they first appear. In Think Outside the Box he gives us a new permission slip to help replicate that expanded, higher-dimensional way of thinking for ourselves. We can learn to detach from our ordinary way of thinking and move into a more conscious experience of the physical level of higher-energy, higher-frequency, fourth-density reality. It’s about getting to know your… Read the rest

New Realities Interviews Darryl Anka Channeling Bashar

This is a special viewing…only parts of this exclusive video has been released before. Now for a brief time, the full interview is available here. However soon it will only be able to be seen in parts at: http://www.NewRealities.com     Website: https://www.bashar.org  … Read the rest

Bashar The Past Present & Future Are Within You ~ Conscious Life Expo Talks 2019 with Bashar

Website: https://www.bashar.org  … Read the rest

Bashar 🌀 Passion Frequency

Bashar is a physical extra-terrestrial individual (a Sassani) from what we would perceive from a linear perspective as our future, although currently being channeled through Darryl Anka (Remember that past, present and future are all happening now)    … Read the rest

Bashar 🌀 The Yahyel are Shalanaya ~ Those Who Come First

This video was put together to help answer questions regarding Bashar’s use of the word ‘shalanaya’ and the name ‘Yahyel’. In Bashar’s language, the word ‘shalanaya’ means “those who come first.” He calls the Yahyel the shalanaya because he perceives that the Yahyel will be “those who come first” to have open contact with us.   Bashar has also said that the Yahyel made visual contact with us in what is known as the Phoenix Lights UFO sightings that occurred over… Read the rest

Elan 🌀 Circumstantial Evidence

In this tape Elan talks about the mechanisms by which you create your own reality and illuminates ideas about how you, in an automatic sense, utilize your belief systems to create your reality. He explains how God, All That Is, is the Prime Frequency, the Prime Vibration of creation and how ‘individuality’ is a variation from the Prime Frequency, a different rate of vibrational resonance. You are a particular frequency of Consciousness and you divide your self down from the… Read the rest


Bashar is a multidimensional being and friend of the future who has been bringing completely new information and clear explanations of how the Universe works and how each person creates the reality he experiences for 33 years through Darryl Anky’s media. Thousands of people have been given the opportunity over the years to test these principles and see if they work, if they can really change their lives and create the reality they desire.    … Read the rest