Elohim Victoria ~ Take Responsibility to Become More of Your Christhood

Elohim Victoria prepares you for the coming Easter Conclave and the Wesak World Congress. When the Elohim know that you are responsive to their coming, that you have taken to Heart Their promptings and Teaching, when you have internalized the transfer of Their Consciousness, then you and They together are unstoppable for the greater purpose of the One God. Accept your Responsibility as God’s Son or Daughter and fulfill all that is required of you every moment. Then you are… Read the rest

Maha Chohan ~ Ready Yourself for the Great Work Ahead

You are invited into the circle of the Chohans to deliberate, discuss, and draw forth your own genius in answer to Their Call. The more you know the Presence of God that is the True Identity of who you are, the greater awareness you have of the Consciousness of God at work. You have the capability to overcome any limitation your outer mind or emotions might speak, for the Power of God within you is great and mighty. Once you… Read the rest