The Creator ~ A Few Thoughts…

JUNE 20, 2020 Be considerate – take care of yourself, but be aware of and think about your actions/reactions and how they affect others.   Be slow to judge – every person has a paradigm they exist in and you most likely do not see the whole picture. Remember, those you judge may be clamoring to be first in line to judge you.   Be quick to release negative emotion – negatively flows around and follows you like a dark cloud. Other… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Interconnection

MAY 12, 2020 Please understand that what affects one affects all.  You are woven into the very fabric of your Earth plane and connected by the Divine Spark in each of you.  The Universe is inviting you to make this a part of your conscious awareness.  Finding and feeling the interconnection will help you appreciate the beauty each of your brothers and sisters inherently possess.  Now is the time to realize that so much more can be accomplished together than… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Your Own Generator

APRIL 20, 2020   If you have not already begun, it is time to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions.  No one can make you feel good, bad, angry or hurt unless you choose it.  Yes, the behavior of others may cause an emotional reaction but, you are your own generator. (Smiling) Release the need to let others be responsible for your existence.  It is your truth…your path…your life. ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source: … Read the rest

The Creator Ω Reclaim What Is Yours

JANUARY 30, 2020 As the newest wave arrives and raises you up, be sure to take your self-worth with you.  Traveling a truthful path can be isolating and The Universe recognizes that some have surrendered that vital of themselves to be part of a group or relationship.  If you surround yourself with those focused on Unconditional Love and truth, you will never be asked to give up a part of who you are.  It is time to reclaim what was… Read the rest

The Creator Ω Find Your When

Taking responsibility for yourself and your energy, especially after a lifetime of projecting and deflecting, can be a very challenging thing to do.  There are three things needed to begin the process:  where to start, how to change the thinking and finding the when.  If you are unwilling to accept responsibility for the role you have played, the rebuilding may be delayed.  When you are fully ready…The Universe will be waiting with as much Unconditional Love and assistance as you… Read the rest

The Creator Ω Love!

As you move into your new beginnings, remember this; no word in the human language has been created to explain the depth and breadth of the love The Universe has for you.  ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source:  … Read the rest

The Creator ~ Do What Is Best

    Dearest child; boundaries are going to be a critical part of your new existence. If you participate in an experience/situation that feels uncomfortable from the beginning, it may always be that way. Yes, you are able to change your energy but others are responsible for themselves. You are in the process of creating a new reality/world for yourself. Listen to and follow your heart…do what is best for you. ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator: the rest

The Creator ~ You Are Prepared

DECEMBER 24, 2019 Create with love and loving creations will come to you. ~ Creator   DECEMBER 23, 2019 Enjoy this plateau…take your time, breathe, care for your body and mind.  Before long, your Earth plane will be on another upward climb.  Release any fear/anxiety/worry about ‘what will happen next’ (Smiling)…all is in order and you are prepared for this. ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source:  … Read the rest

The Creator ~ Listen Closely

DECEMBER 13, 2019 Now is the time to listen, dear one!  You are being given some very pertinent details about upcoming shifts/changes and it is imperative that you take in as much as you can.  In response to that information is it vital for you to fully understand what The Universe, Earth, society and your body is telling you.  Worry or anxiety does not have a home in this process.  You have the skills and knowledge to understand and take… Read the rest

The Creator ~ One

NOVEMBER 19, 2019   It is time for you to realize (if you have not already) that all it takes is one… One question to receive the answer you have been needing.One step to start on the tremendous and joyous journey to know yourself.One thought to alter your world in ways unimaginable. All you need to do is begin! ~ Creator     Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source:  … Read the rest

The Creator ~ Moving Mountains

NOVEMBER 17, 2019   Your beauty and strength are not determined by your physical self, what you can gain or what influence you have on your Earth plane.   Your beauty comes from your connection to The Universe, your kindness and compassion, how you relate to others, being able to practice forgiveness (to yourself and those around you) and how much growth/learning you allow yourself to experience.  Always remember, you are a child of The Universe and a gift to your world. … Read the rest

The Creator ~ Opening Your Heart

NOVEMBER 16, 2019   Dearest one, as you learn and grow the difference between yourself and others will begin to fade, opening your heart to who a person is rather than seeing what is present in the physical world.  It will be, however, completely up to you whether you choose to accept this gift.  If you find yourself reluctant to accept, The Universe is always there to help and guide you along. ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator: the rest

The Creator ~ Where Do I Begin?

    NOVEMBER 15, 2019     The question of “where do I begin” will always be answered with, “at the beginning, my love” and that beginning will always appear just when you need it most.” ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source:  … Read the rest

The Creator ~ From Darkness To Light

NOVEMBER 14, 2019   It is important to express negative emotions so you can get back to the good ones.  The Universe has always told you this is a good thing. It is a release; it is necessary and you cannot fully recognize your light without also acknowledging your dark. ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source:  … Read the rest

The Creator ~ Trust Yourself

During this time of great change and emotional release, there may be challenging life decisions ahead…be sure to allow yourself breathing room and time!  It may be easier to lean on others and determine your direction based on their opinions but, it will be coming from their heart and not yours.  Ultimately your emotions and feelings are the true basis of which path you will follow.  The time for second-guessing is through.  Trust yourself, trust The Universe and know that… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Feelings

Most of the time logic takes the front seat.  Logic is safe, sane and it is how your world moves forward most of the time.  Today, you are being invited to follow your feelings.  It may take you down roads you have not been in a while and bring up emotions you disregard but, it will also bring you closer to your heart.  Rather than shying away, bring them in for closer examination.  Then you can decide if it is… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Is It Me?!

NOVEMBER 11, 2019 It is time to put on your thinking cap, dear one. This newest shift will be all about assessing where you are now, how you interpret information from The Universe and why you are choosing to disseminate it the way you do. This is not saying you are doing it ‘wrong’, there is no wrong way. It is going to give you a chance to see what is truly coming from The Universe and what is coming… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Touchstone

NOVEMBER 10, 2019   Believe it or not; you have been a touchstone, a guiding light, an anchor for at least one person in your life.  Even when you have felt ‘less than’, someone has looked to you as an example of what they want to become. You are a beautiful and shining example of what overcoming adversity truly is.  Give yourself a pat on the back, dearest child, The Universe is very proud of you! ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Exponential Growth

NOVEMBER 8, 2019 Dear one, here we go again!  Take some time to rest, recharge your batteries and indulge in self-care because this next wave may challenge your long-held beliefs about who you are and what you believe your life to be.  Each incoming wave from now on will bring changes you may not be fully prepared for.  This will be an excellent time to practice your flexibility and ability to see things from an infinite perspective.  Listen to your… Read the rest

The Creator ~ The Power & Ability

NOVEMBER 7, 2019   You are 100% responsible for your energy.  Today, take some time and see yourself as others see you.  How much of your day is spent projecting positivity?  How much is taken up by negativity?  You must realize you have the power and the ability to shift your energy at a moment’s notice!  This cannot be done by something outside yourself…you are in charge.  If you need help, all you have to do is ask and The Universe… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Love & Support

NOVEMBER 6, 2019   There will always be those around you that will indulge in a circle of pain.  They often choose that existence because it feels safe/comfortable…and they may ask that you participate in it with them.  Remember, you do not have to go there.  Love and support them as a person; let them know you will be there when they choose to release it to The Universe. ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source:  … Read the rest

The Creator ~ Positive Or Negative

NOVEMBER 4, 2019   As you move along your path, there may be times when you will be tempted to react in a negative way.  When this happens, take a step back, breathe and ask yourself if it is really the way you want to be.  Do you wish to send positive or negative out into your world?  The choice, my dearest child, has always been yours. ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source:  … Read the rest

The Creator ~ Pure

NOVEMBER 3, 2019 There will be times when your thoughts and opinions will be unpopular and that is okay.  Remember, if you express with pure intent, pure truth and pure love, The Universe will always support you. ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source:  … Read the rest

The Creator ~ One

NOVEMBER 2, 2019   To say, “I am but one voice, I am nothing”, is a misnomer. Change the thought to, “I am one voice and I will sing”. When you do, you will realize you are part of a world-wide chorus of One. ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source:  … Read the rest

The Creator ~ Gifts

NOVEMBER 1, 2019   You feel it. The Universe knows you feel it. You know The Universe knows you feel it! (Smiling) Now, what to do with it? Well, that is completelyup to you. You can use these gifts given to you in any way choose. But here are a few ideas: Use peace and clarity to redefine what path you have chosen to travel. Share moments of kindness with others. One act of kindness can shift a challenging situation to… Read the rest

The Creator ~ You Have Been Waiting

OCTOBER 31, 2019   Dear one, it would seem a bit redundant if you were asked to fasten your seat belts again because the incoming energy has been coming in so quickly there has scarcely been enough time to draw breath between waves. (Smiling) This is about to change!   Some of you that have noticed an ‘uptick’ in the past few days that feels different.  Your Earth plane is poised on the brink of great upward movement; the compassion and understanding… Read the rest

The Creator ~ It is OK

The Universe would like you to know that it is perfectly okay for you to say ‘no’.  A chorus of humans are saying, “Oh my, it’s just not possible.  Things would fall about without me!  What would people do if I wasn’t there to help?”  In response, you are being asked the big what if…   What if you were to take time for yourself?   What if you chose rest over stretching yourself too thin yet again?   What if you gave… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Labels

Take some time today and think back on all the labels you have been given over the course of your Earth plane existence.  Some were self-created but, most were given to you by others.  You may have even embraced them to ‘fit in’ even if they were not positive.  Now it is time to choose what you would like to keep and release the rest. (Smiling) You are setting out on a new path, dearest one, become who you choose… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Your Energy

OCTOBER 28, 2019   Everything you touch, every person you meet, every situation and experience you have will reverberate with your energy long after you are gone.  Yes, you truly do have that power!  Now, it is up to you to choose what type of energy that will be and how it will be interpreted. ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source:  … Read the rest