The Creator ~ Ready

OCTOBER 8, 2019   The Universe is asking…what would you like to build today?  Are you ready to begin bringing all your manifestations into your reality?  Are you willing to allow kindness, love and peace to become a part of who you are?  These things are, literally, a moment away.  Why wait?  You have done your work, you are worthy and deserving and The Universe is ready to give! ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source:  … Read the rest

The Creator ~ For You Or For Me

OCTOBER 7, 2019 As you move forward in this current shift, it may be frustrating to be around those who want you to stay put. Instead of releasing you to grow easily, they may push to violate your boundaries, demanding that you surrender your morals and ethics to please them. This, again, is where choice comes into play. You can state and enforce those boundaries firmly or allow them to change your thoughts and feelings of what is right for… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Glorious

The Universe knows that the past week has been, to say the very least, interesting.  With the way the energy has been coming in, it may have been challenging to stay grounded and keep moving forward.  Now, with more sweeping changes on the way, you may be saying to yourself, “when will this stop?!”   You are being reminded that you have gone through similar shifts/changes before with stellar results! (Smiling) You have embraced self-care, boundaries and have done amazing work. … Read the rest

The Creator ~ Another Choice

As you become more peaceful, you may notice those around you who choose to continue to fight, battle, wage war or have skirmishes.  Here is a thought to keep in mind; they may enjoy the chaos or do not know how to exist without it.  If this energy is close to you, others may want you to participate…but there is always a choice.  You can jump into the chaos or walk away.  The Universe has always trusted you to do… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Great Things

Dearest one, take a moment and let this sink in; you have the privilege of witnessing and being part of one of the greatest times in Earth’s history. The massive shifts you have been feeling have never been more outwardly obvious than they are now!   The forgiveness of seemingly unforgivable actions as well as the practice of truth/transparency in your society are becoming more frequent and are a definitive. visible sign of your personal work.  You, my child, have directly… Read the rest

The Creator ~ How Far you Have Come

Over the next few days and weeks, there will be things that may tempt you to respond in ways that you would have in the past.  Now is the time for you to take note of the differences and be proud that you have chosen another path.  The Universe knows it is not the easiest thing to do, however, giving yourself the opportunity for peace and Unconditional Love to continue flowing will remind you of exactly how far you have… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Healthy Boundaries

It is time to climb back up on the energetic horse and say, ‘Giddup’!  The next incoming wave will be about establishing and maintaining boundaries.  You may feel that you already have some pretty firm ideas around this subject but, this will be your time to explore.  As this new phase begins, The Universe is inviting you to investigate your feelings around these questions:   What is my and what is other’s responsibility?   Do I take on responsibility to feel wanted… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Look Forward

It may be challenging to release preconceived notions around new experiences when a similar negative scenario has happened in the past.  Each moment unfolding before you deserves a ‘fresh look’, a chance to present something different before you make a judgement.  More frequently than not, because of the work you have and continue to do on yourself, any given situation has the ability to change…if you give it a second look.  Dearest child, look forward rather than to the past. … Read the rest

The Creator ~ Offer

SEPTEMBER 29, 2019 Joy, peace, love and acceptance…how can you offer any of these to another if you do not, first, offer them to yourself? ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source:  … Read the rest

The Creator ~ Want Vs. Need

As you continue your journey, you may want to ask The Universe questions to help you resolve issues that have you running in circles.  If you listen closely, the answers are always there.  However, you may have gotten into the habit of looking right past them.  You will focus on what you so desperately want to hear, rather than what you need to hear.  You see, The Universe has always ‘been in the business’ of truth and will always give… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Step Into

Are you ready to have a peaceful life?  Are you ready to set aside the chaos and drama created and participated in it daily? Are you ready to release taking things that were not intended for you personally?  You, my dear child, have always been a kind and loving soul, why not finally release the last vestiges of who you were and step into the growing you!  Trust The Universe to help you, it will be well worth it. ~… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Take Some Time

SEPTEMBER 26, 2019 The Universe is asking you to take some time today to think about what you want.  You have always known that thought becomes action and action becomes reality.  How much effort are you willing to expend to bring your imagination to fruition?  You can wait for someone to give you the answer (which you have known all along) or listen to your heart and begin moving forward…the choice is yours! ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The… Read the rest

The Creator ~ More On Trust

SEPTEMBER 25, 2019     Every day you are given choices. Some appear very easy and others…not so much. Human experience may have taught you to value other’s opinions above your own and, often, it may be used to replace individual thought and action. Yes, there are times in your life when thinking is the last thing you want to do. It hurts too much and takes too much effort. But, dearest child, those are the times when it is best to… Read the rest

The Creator ~ As You Wish

SEPTEMBER 24, 2019 One of the most beautiful things about free will: you can choose when…. To remove yourself from a challenging situation. To love without boundaries. To say, ‘Enough is enough’. To decide that joy and happiness are things you can bring into your life.   Today you are being invited to explore your free will.  What do you want in your life?  How do you choose to move through your Earth plane existence from this point forward?  My dearest… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Trust It

As your Earth plane gets ready for yet another shift and moves from one season to another…be kind.  Be kind to yourself and others, understand that you have the power to move your life in any direction you choose.  There may be some things that are out of your control, however, you have the choice of whether they stay in your life or not.  You know what feels peaceful and what feels toxic, trust it!  Keep discovering who you are;… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Making A Difference

SEPTEMBER 22, 2019   There is an immeasurable beauty in moving through challenges and coming out the other side light and brighter than you have ever been.  As The Universe supports you through your work, it also sees the amazing results and continues to encourage you.  If you take one thing with you today, let it be this:   Even though you may feel quite alone, your incredible learning is contributing to the energetic growth of your Earth plane.  With each baby… Read the rest

The Creator ~ The Deep End Of The Ocean

Before you stepped on your path, you may have done, said or acted in ways that were hurtful to yourself and others.  As you do your work now, the pain or regret that you may feel could be an ever present remind of what you were.  The Universe would like to gently remind you; even though your previous experiences shaped who you are today, your path is who you are now.  It is time to throw the hurt/regret in the… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Now Or Later

SEPTEMBER 19, 2019 The Universe knows that this may feel like a resting period but, there is a lot going on behind the scenes.  You have been asked to continue clearing your ‘deep darks’ and it is time to get to work!  A new phase is beginning, and you have been provided many loving nudges to help get you moving in a direction that is best suited for you.  Yes, you can choose to ignore them…that is your human right.… Read the rest

The Creator ~ It Is Here

SEPTEMBER 18, 2019 Where do you want to go from here?  The Universe has provided yet another huge array of changes for you to choose from.  Now it is time to decide what you would like to do. (Smiling) What are the most important things to you?  What do you want to accomplish?  These are all choices that are available to you!  You can remain in the past, a captive of your own thoughts or you can embrace a brighter,… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Come On In

SEPTEMBER 17, 2019   Sometimes, you become so busy planning for the future that you forget your now.  Sometimes, you become so focused on the ‘playback’ of the past, the now is ignored.  By being in the past or future, you may miss the joyous moments that surround you and the gifts The Universe sends you every day.   Today, you are being invited to reacquaint yourself with the now.  Pause, take a look around and see what it feels like to… Read the rest

The Creator ~ Languages

Logic, deductive reasoning, intellect; this is your Earth-plane language. Feeling, emotion and intuition; this is how The Universe speaks to you. ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source:  … Read the rest

The Creator ~ The Infinite Picture

SEPTEMBER 15, 2019   Today, you are being invited to look at the infinite picture. In comparison to the joy, happiness and love you experience, the negative is just a minuscule piece. The Universe is giving you the opportunity to see the entire puzzle and how everything fits into it. And, once you see it, there is no going back. (Smiling) Are you ready and willing to allow? ~ Creator   Get Personal Readings With The Creator:   Source:  … Read the rest