Channeling of Gaia on Ascension Shifts and The Event

Have you ever wanted to ask Gaia (Mother Earth) herself what on EARTH is going with the 3 Days of Darkness and the Event? As predicted, earth is shifting massively. The result has been visible in the floodings, fires and other natural occurrences as Gaia responds to the rising needs of the human conscious collective. We are all feeling the ascension shifts and symptoms/changes in our bodies, energy levels and emotions. Let’s ask Gaia all of the questions about this!    … Read the rest

The Angels ~ Your Mother Earth is in need

via Ann Albers, July 13th, 2019   My dear friends, we love you so very much,   Be kind to one another dear ones. Your Mother Earth is in need. She can withstand pollution, drilling, and all manner of ills. She puts up with these things in the same way a human mother allows her little children to make a mess of her living room. With the help of inspired humans she can clean up these problems.   However, the one thing that… Read the rest

Resets Restructurings & Restoring the Sanctity of the Earth ~ July 2019 Energy Update

Source:  … Read the rest

Message from Mother Gaia ~ By Galaxygirl

I am your Mother Gaia. I nurture your cellular structure, for we are of the same elements: water, wind, earth, fire. We are the same. We support each other on this long road, and for many eons we have worked as one. It is high time for the lost ones to be found, to find themselves, their higher aspects that are calling them homeward to the light. Alas, many have chosen to continue on their path of darkness, and yet,… Read the rest

The Dimensions of Mother Earth by Mother Earth

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa   The beauty of my being can be seen all around you, in the smallest plant and in the largest tree. My essence is within every particle of soil and every flower that blooms. You will find me in the essence of animals, insects and all forms of living creatures, as they carry my energy with them. You will discover that my energy is within your being, vibrating in harmony… Read the rest


My dear beloved children!   Today I want to tell you what’s happening with all of us – myself and all the living beings on Earth.   Together, we are one whole, not only energetically but physically. You are my flesh and blood – my children – because you are born and you die in my energy space.   Our mutual connection is so close that each of your inhalations becomes my own, and visa versa.   And that is how it happens.   My… Read the rest

Awakening the Light of the Earth by Mother Earth

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa   Greetings, Love and gratitude, I express to you as co-creators of the reality we are all experiencing now. I am Mother Earth/ Gaia, I honour all that you are and all you are creating upon the Earth now. I wish to share with you that all you are creating is appropriate and necessary to create the larger picture of the Creator. Everything has a purpose and accelerates enlightenment… Read the rest

All Consciousness of Earth’s Ascension ~ Through Suzanne Lie

I Gaia, the Goddess of Earth, am ALWAYS available to assist you.  Please know and remember that you, my beloveds, are manifestations of my Planetary Consciousness. Your individual Souls are a portion of The Source, but the physical form that houses your consciousness is my manifestation.  Your physical body is made of the same elements as those of all my other creatures.  We are all ONE, you see, and as ONE Being we shall transform ourselves into our higher expression.   … Read the rest