The Venus Project ~ The Choice is Ours Full Video

    The Venus Project envisions a world where all people on the planet have their needs met and the Earth’s ecosystems are protected and restored. In this vision, human activity is in symbiosis with nature and all people live peacefully in a world with no borders.The Venus Project seeks to create a Global Resource Based Economy which is an emergent society, as opposed to the established societies of today.   A Resource Based Economy ensures the continuous protection and… Read the rest

Gregg Braden Ô Be Prepared, Our Planet is Now Experiencing Dramatic Changes

Gregg Braden returns to Missing Links to answer many of the questions posed by viewers. In this first Q&A episode he addresses your concerns about climate change and DNA which have defined, and are redefining what it means to be human. From climate engineering to an energetic jump in the sun, there is no denying that our planet is experiencing dramatic changes. All the while, our physical being is adapting to these changes. To best prepare, we must learn to… Read the rest

New Age Movie ~ Tomorrowland Official Trailer ~ Future Fleeting Glance With Beautiful Movie Soundtrack Music

Most inspiring New Age Movie ever. A fleeting glance about how the future New Earth can look like.       Most beautiful New Age Music   Tomorrowland Soundtrack ~ Pin Ultimate Experience (With Original Movie Sound)   Tomorrowland Soundtrack ~ Pin Ultimate Experience (Without Original Movie Sound)   Buy Tomorrowland Movie: Or watch The Movie Online For Free:  … Read the rest