Mei-lan ~ Beauty for Ashes (feat. Ben Blevins)

“Beauty for Ashes” composed by Mei-lan, Ben Blevins, & James Gibson.   Website: Support on Patreon: Motivational content on Instagram: Follow me on Facebook:  … Read the rest

Sound Healing ~ Beloved, Come Home

Come home to the infinite power that lives within you.Come home to the remembrance of who you are.Come home to your inner peace and to the light of your soul’s essence.   Take a deep breath into your center.Feel it now.   Come home,because it is your time to healand to rise.   The divine is calling youand filling you with strengthto support you in coming home to your center.     Here’s a link to my website: Click here to become a Patreon… Read the rest

Mei-lan Maurits Ō Trust In Divine Wisdom ( Sound Healing)

For today’s sound healing, I welcome you to join me in this intention for the collective:   We are held in the wisdom and the love of the Divine.We are resilient.We are healthy.We are strong.May all humanity be surrounded with love and compassion.May all beings be free from suffering.May we grow, heal, and rise as a sacred global community.We are awakening to our interconnectedness.We are awakening to our power.May we trust in Divine wisdom.   I thank you with all my heart… Read the rest

Live Healing Ō The Song of Mother Earth

Beautiful Loves, I am so grateful to offer this Earth Energy Transmission to you. I felt a deep call to connect to our Mother Earth, listen to her, and to sing her song for the healing of all. When I connected to the earth, this is the transmission she shared with me, which I am honored to share with you.   As I channeled this song, I felt a message come through very strongly. It is time for us lightworkers to… Read the rest