Caroline Myss ~ What is evil and what can we do to counter it

Caroline Myss: The Courage to Confront Evil Tuesday, October 15, 2019   Caroline Myss is a renowned author, teacher, medical intuitive, and researcher of human consciousness. Her many works include Anatomy of the SpiritSacred Contracts, and Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can. A longtime collaborator with Sounds True, Caroline has recently published the audio program The Courage to Confront Evil: The Most Important Challenge of Our Time. In this episode of Insights at the Edge,… Read the rest

A Powerful Overview About 7 Chakras By Caroline Myss

SCROLL DOWN FOR SHORT TEXT VERSION!   7 Chakras As Explained by Caroline Myss     Chakras ~ Your Energetic Being The body contains seven energy centers, known as chakras. Together, these energy centers — data banks, as I like to call them — are an archetypal depiction of your individual maturation through seven distinct stages.     Chakra 1 The first chakra is the foundation of emotional and mental health. Your connection to traditional familial beliefs supports the formation of identity and a sense… Read the rest

New Earth Teachings S01E04 ~ Wielding the Light

Brad Johnson shares insight on how each of us have come to the Earth as soul volunteers and learn how to wield our light to bring a unified world into fruition.     Book a 1 to 1 Private Session w/ Brad Johnson & Adronis:  … Read the rest

Lee Harris ~ What is happening on the planet right now?

In this excerpt from his July 2019 Energy Tune-Up Live Q&A Broadcast in The Portal, Lee discusses what his guides have shared about what’s happening on the planet during these chaotic times.  … Read the rest

The Creator ~ Affecting Change

You are one of the advanced souls who chose to come to your Earth plane now, even with all that is going on, to affect change.  You did not balk at the idea.  Instead, you welcomed the opportunity to be an integral part of what is happening around you.  You knew it might be challenging, walking a sometimes-bumpy road but, the anticipation and excitement you felt far outweighed any doubts.   My darling child, any time you feel as if it… Read the rest

The Masters ~ It is time to go on a journey with your Higher Self

Monday, August 12, 2019 What if you were ready to be taken on a journey by your Higher Self? Would you say yes? The mind will want to question you. It will want the itinerary, the destination location and would like to know how many bags to pack.   And we say it is time to go past the mind and simply move into a state of readiness. It is time to go on a journey with your Higher Self.   Get… Read the rest

Brad Johnson ~ Harmonizing the Bodies (Physical Mental Emotional Causal)

Brad Johnson explains the different types of bodies we have and the inner work done upon them leading into the highest body that can overcome the work done upon the previous bodies.     Book a 1 to 1 Private Session w/ Brad Johnson & Adronis:  … Read the rest

Ascended Dragon Collective ~ Great Planetary Change and Upheaval

Alisheryia and Elthor via Galaxygirl | August 5, 2019   Greetings human, reading these words. I Alisheryia, and I Elthor, of the Ascended Dragon Collective are very near your kind in this Now moment of great planetary change and upheaval. Your job, your duty as the light bearers is to ground the light, the peace in this time when others seem to have neither. You have been preparing for this time for eons. Now is your moment to ground, to shine.… Read the rest

Earth Intelligence Report ~ August 2019 (The Year 2024)

EARTH INTELLIGENCE REPORT for August of 2019. The report that shall be presented in this time shall relate to the affairs taking place upon your common governmental areas and sectors. The defeat to which you would know as your Cabal forces is imminent. As this defeat becomes stronger the intensity of backlash relating to retaliation and creations of false flag agendas will increase. They are now realizing that it now is nearly impossible for them not to have their own… Read the rest

ET Contact Series ~ The Quantum Map Part 1

    ET Contact Series: The Quantum Map Part 1with Lyssa Royal Holt, channeling Sasha, a Pleiadian consciousness   Sasha, channeled through Lyssa since 1988, is most known for her lessons on ET contact given in the book Preparing for Contact and through her contact retreats around the world. In this video, she begins sharing her Quantum Map teachings that she has been giving at contact retreats.   The Quantum Map is a metaphor that explains the process that human… Read the rest

Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings ~ The Healing Code Cards

The World’s Most Powerful Healing Card Deck! A new revolutionary card deck is now available to the world and it is unlike any deck of cards anyone has ever seen. ​ The Healing Code Cards consist of a deck of 36 cards that have been imbued by “Spirit Light Codes” invisible to the naked eye, but deliver a profound effect to specific areas of the body. ​ Created by Brad Johnson: Spirit communicator, psychic and energy healer, the Healing Code… Read the rest