Adronis From Sirius ~ 2020: The Year of Exposure

Brad Johnson channels Adronis and Adronis provides insight on events in momentum for the 2020 year and beyond.   Website:  … Read the rest

Brad Johnson ~ Harmonizing the Bodies (Physical Mental Emotional Causal)

Brad Johnson explains the different types of bodies we have and the inner work done upon them leading into the highest body that can overcome the work done upon the previous bodies.     Book a 1 to 1 Private Session w/ Brad Johnson & Adronis:  … Read the rest

Earth Intelligence Report ~ August 2019 (The Year 2024)

EARTH INTELLIGENCE REPORT for August of 2019. The report that shall be presented in this time shall relate to the affairs taking place upon your common governmental areas and sectors. The defeat to which you would know as your Cabal forces is imminent. As this defeat becomes stronger the intensity of backlash relating to retaliation and creations of false flag agendas will increase. They are now realizing that it now is nearly impossible for them not to have their own… Read the rest


Channeled through Asara Adams July 28, 2019 “We are here NOW.We LOVE You.We are you, from your future, to assist you on your path.   Dear Ones, millions of StarShips are holding the LIGHT around your planet to assist with the project “Ascension Earth.”   The Spiritual and Emotional Evolution of HUmanity led through many different stages of exploration and growth.   With every dark moment, the Souls of HUmans cried out “No more!” and your Heart’s desire formed the New Earth, which… Read the rest

Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings ~ The Healing Code Cards

The World’s Most Powerful Healing Card Deck! A new revolutionary card deck is now available to the world and it is unlike any deck of cards anyone has ever seen. ​ The Healing Code Cards consist of a deck of 36 cards that have been imbued by “Spirit Light Codes” invisible to the naked eye, but deliver a profound effect to specific areas of the body. ​ Created by Brad Johnson: Spirit communicator, psychic and energy healer, the Healing Code… Read the rest

Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings ~ The Unbounded State

Brad Johnson speaks on how one moves past the boundaries of life and transcending one’s self into the unbounded state of being.   Book a 1 to 1 Private Session w/ Brad Johnson & Adronis:  … Read the rest

Adronis Earth Affairs Update ~ July 18th 2019

Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, shares insight on the latest Earth affairs updates including situations with our moon, de-weaponizing and the ring of fire quakes’ purpose.     Book a 1 to 1 Private Session w/ Brad Johnson & Adronis:  … Read the rest

Brad Johnson ~ The Fall of The Dark Age

Brad Johnson shares perspective on what had caused the rising of the dark age and what will also lead to its downfall.       Book a 1 to 1 Private Session w/ Brad Johnson & Adronis:  … Read the rest

Adronis ~ The Creation of Humans Past Neanderthals

Brad Johnson trance channels Adronis as he speaks on the origin of the human race differing from the evolutionary theory of mankind descending from neanderthals.  … Read the rest

Brad Johnson ~ Earth Intelligence Report – July 2019

This edition of the Earth Intelligence Report is done by a trance-induced telepathic transmission between myself as the conduit for the Spirit of the Earth/Earth collective intelligence and has been transcribed from its original recording.    … Read the rest

Adronis ~ Oumuamua

Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, elaborates on the nature of the celestial phenomenon known as ‘Oumuamua. What is it? Where did it come from? Why did it come into this star system? Who’s on board, and more…  … Read the rest

Animals and the Afterlife with Miranda Alcott

Miranda Alcott, MA, is an intuitive, animal communicator. She has been a certified Crisis Responder and instructor/trainer for the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA), as well.  … Read the rest

Adronis Earth Affairs Update ~ June 26th ~ 2019

Similar to the Earth Intelligence Report, Adronis – channeled by Brad Johnson, shares information regarding current affairs taking place on and beyond the Earth regarding the year of disclosure and sanitation efforts that are impacting the planet at this time.  … Read the rest

Journey through Galactic History ~ Secrets from Ancient Sirius ~ Channeling

In 2018, Lyssa’s channeling of the Sirius ambassador Hamón during two contact retreats revealed missing pieces from Sirian history. Germane embedded this information in the wisdom of the Galactic Heritage Cards (card #44), but never discussed it until recently. In this video, Germane discusses this aspect of Sirius history as well as a deeper meaning represented by the Sirius card #44 (Secrecy). One does not need to know about the Galactic Heritage Cards in order to gain valuable insight about… Read the rest

Adronis ~ Transitioning Into The Spirit World

Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, shares some profound insight regarding how those that have transitioned into the spirit world and what they experience.     Get a Private Session with Adronis  … Read the rest

Brad Johnson ~ The Universal Laws Map

Brad Johnson shares insight on understanding the Universal Laws Map where 6 mutable laws govern the lessons of a universal mainframe to encourage the lessons of love.  … Read the rest

Brad Johnson – Cellular Body Regeneration

From the Empowered Light Expo (April 28th, 2019) Brad Johnson does a live presentation on an easy to use technique, Cellular Body Regeneration and spirit light healing codes, to heal your body! Use this technique to release things from your body that no longer serve you and observe demonstrations from members of the audience that receive INSTANT healing from the light spirit codes that Brad facilitates!  … Read the rest

Brad Johnson & Adronis ~ Shifting Into the New Earth

Empowered Light Expo ( presents Brad Johnson and Adronis – Shifting Into the New Earth. A presentation from the Empowered Light Expo – May 2019. Brad Johnson channels Adronis to speak more on the upcoming shift to the new Earth and takes questions from the live audience.  … Read the rest

Adronis ~ Educating Transient Entities

Brad Johnson channels Adronis as he speaks to both humans and transient entities on the ways of connecting closer to the creator and understanding the much larger picture of service through and as love.   Website:  … Read the rest

Brad Johnson ~ Light Code Activation ~ Organ Detox (Real-Time Healing)

Before you begin the video, place your hand where the organ or gland is located and take a deep breath in. As you watch the video, feel the spirit light codes entering your organ/gland. At the end of the video, drink a glass of water and let yourself be at rest. Take a deep breath in and out and let yourself relax. Let the codes continue to work on the organ or gland of your choosing.    … Read the rest